Sunday Night Contest Round-Up (Oct 13)

Hello contest lover, (and random odd people that click on contest link despite not liking contests). Here is another installment of my Sunday Night Contest Round-Up. Now these only feature new(to me) contest I’ve entered since the last time I did one of these so make sure to check my previous round up for more goodies.

1) Just Like Heaven is having a giveaway to support breast cancer awareness mouth featuring four great prizes.
Ends: October 31 2013

2) To Celebrate Melen’s Birthday Rayne Millaray is giving away a pack of pleasurable penis and prostate toys.
Ends: October 31st. 2013

3) is giving away a We-vibe Touch!
Ends: October 30th 2013

4) Sh! Is giving away a Shiri Zinn Cupcake Vibrator
Ends: October 30th 2013

5) Like Fun Factory toys? The Redhead Bedhead is giving away 4 of them!
Ends: Monday October 21st

6) is having a Butt Toy Bonanza, featuring three fabulous Tantus Butt Plugs!
Ends: October 31 2013

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Bad Statistics and Sex Negativity

“The average age of entry into prostitution in the US is 13.”

BadStatisticsYou may have heard a statistics like this at some point in your life. Well it is bullshit, completely, nonsensical, bullshit. I will explain why in a moment but my goal in this post is not to explain why it is bullshit but to ask why on Earth so many people believe such nonsense.

My argument is beliefs like these take root because we live in a sex negative society, if we were living in a world where we approached sexuality in sane, rational manner almost no one would fall for statistics like the one above. Even while acknowledging that people are generally bad at statistics, that there are people who deliberately distorts statistics for their own gain, and that myths are so prevalent that we have entire programs dedicated to their debunking, I still believe in a sexually sane world even to a layperson the above statistic would be rejected on it face.

Where did this myth comes from well the short answer is that number is taken from studies looking only at underage prostitutes, in other words the average age of entry into juvenile prostitution. Now those studies are heavily flawed as the link posted explained so even that is not even an accurate number for entry into juvenile prostitution (and it actually get even worse the deeper you dig into this myth) but for proposes of this post let us just accept that as a given. I can understand a layperson not get those nuisances, however that the above number couldn’t possible be the average for all prostitution that however as I said is something that should be obvious on its face.

To illustrate let imagine if we treated some other hypothetical statistics the same way:

The average age of a driver in the US is 17.
The average age of a US worker is 17.
The average age of death in the US is 16.

And I could go on and on like this but I think you get my point. All of the above are obviously wrong as written however if I added the words for those under 18 to that then they might be believable. Under normal circumstance there is no way we would so easily confuse the average age for juveniles with the average age for the entire population they are widely different numbers and it is apparent on its face how different they are. However, we don’t live in a world where we approach issues of sex under normally circumstances. Myths like the above exist because our sex negative society has programed us to think about sex as so uniquely and negatively powerful that it makes the impossible seem possible.

This is not an isolated case there are many other sex myths that depend on us believing some impossible numbers, see this link for some more examples involving just sex work (e.x. the life expectance myth). However, what even more disturbing to me is it is not as just lay people that believe myths like the above people with statistical training people who should immediately detect something wrong with the numbers believe it. In some circles (such as hardcore anti-sex work circles) being able to cite such nonsense is not only believed but it seen as a sign of expertise although nothing could be further from the truth. This shows to me how pervasive sex-negativity can be that it overrides not only common sense but also at times even extensive training that should override sex negative thinking.

I am not saying everyone who believes or believed this is sex negative/dogmatic. To be clear underage prostitution is a horrific thing and stopping it is very much a sex-positive thing to do. However, the fact that even some very sex positive/pluralistic people doing a very sex positive thing can still believe in statistics as the above one, demonstrates how pervasive sex negative thinking is. Even without any overt sex negative beliefs many of us still process sex in a different part of our brain then the one we use to process “normal” information like death, work, and driving. We still process it in the “other, different, dangerous!” portion of our brain; the part of brain that perpetually got an F in statistics.

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Sunday Contest Round Up

Do you like contests and free stuff? Well if you don’t you picked a really weird post to click on. Here are the latest contests I have found myself entering, enjoy:

1) That position is giving away SportSheets New Comers Strap On Set and Some Lube

Ends: October 13, 2013

2) Want a Tantus Vamp? Well Sunkissed Jess is giving one away, plus 2 samples of Yes Products lubricant !

Ends: October 31, 2013

The next two are from the excellent Beck and her Kinks:

3) Halloween is coming! And beck is giving away awesome prizes from Exotic_Erotics!

Ends: October 12, 2013

4) Enter to win a copy of The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by violet Blue & and Cleis Press, hosted by Beck and Her Kinks

Ends: October 13th, 2013

5) What a bunch of sexy goodies and a hollow box for discreet storage? Well Property of Potter is giving them away.

Ends: October 16th, 2013

6) In celebration of becoming self-hosted, The Clit Stop is giving away a Tantus Vamp!

Ends: October 31, 2013

7) Want to win a Vixen Creations Viskin Mustang? Well here is your chance,

Shadowed Seductress giving one away.

8 ) Enter to win one of three prize packages worth over $500 from Krissy Novacaine

Ends: November 1st, 2013

9) Enter to win a copy of The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue & Cleis Press, hosted by  Novelties Toy Meets Girl

Ends October 19, 2013

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Review: Tantus Severin (medium)

The Severin (medium) by Tantus is a large butt plug with a small tip that leads down into two blubs of increasing size and a butterfly shaped base. It is overall one of the best plugs I’ve used for warm up and progression.

The Tantus Severin (medium)

The Severin (medium) by Tantus


This toy is made out of 100% platinum cured silicone, which is non-porous easy to clean, and shareable with proper sterilization. For full cleaning information, see my sex toy materials guide. This plug has a shiny finish with little drag.

Design and Dimensions

The toy has a total length of 4.55 inches, about 4 inches of which is insertable. Breaking the measurements down starting from the top, the tip has a diameter of roughly 0.8 inches. This tip leads into the first bulb of the toy, which has a diameter of 1.5 inches that the moves down to a diameter of 1.35 inches before bulging back out to the toy’s max diameter of 1.85 inches before going down to its neck that has a diameter of approximately 1.1 inches.

The toy has a butterfly base which is 2.5 inches across and is about 1 2/3 inches wide at the widest point of the butterfly and 1 ½ inches at it narrowest point.

The Tantus Severin (medium) Base

Close Up of the Severin’s base.


The Severin is also available in a small and large sizes. Lastly, the toy has a smooth shiny finish and is available in black (the red color in these photos is currently being discontinued but as of this review you can still grab the red version at several retailers, so get it while you can).

Pleasure and Use

I love this toy’s design for multiple reasons. To start, it is very easy to warm up to this toy because the first tip is so small I can move that bit in and out to start warming up before moving on to the next blub repeating the process with that blub, before finally inserting the full length of the toy. This design also has a second advantage, as you may already know there are two sets of sphincters in your butt the internal sphincter and external sphincter, this toy’s design helps you become aware of these two better than most toys. As you insert the toy, you can feel the tip of the toy start to penetrate one sphincter while the second sphincter is wrapping around the first blub, and once you continue you can feel the same effect again with the first and second blubs. This is not only good for helping you warm up before full insertion, it also makes you more aware of how your body responds. On top of that being aware of what each sphincter is doing individually only adds to the pleasure and intensity of play.

Once inserted the toy is extremely filling and stimulating. Just inserting it is almost enough to bring me to climax. The intense stimulation does a great job of intensifying orgasm and makes this a great addition to most any play session be it masturbation or intercourse with a partner. Its large size also means it delivers good prostate stimulation. Which leads me to the next thing I like about this toy, it is (due to the prostate stimulation) very good at creating a feeling of ejaculatory urgency without making me have an ejaculatory orgasm(1). Lastly, I have disliked toys with butterfly bases in the past as the corners tend to dig in to my cheeks but the difference between this base’s widest and narrowest point is not as great as in the one that have irritated me so it thankfully isn’t as much of a problem here.

Who is it for?

Because of its large max diameter, this is not a toy for beginners to anal play. However, if you are already experienced this makes a great choice to train yourself up to a larger size. The blub design as I mentioned also helps make you aware of what is going on in your body during insertion. Also recommend to those who want something intense (one of the most intense plug I have tried) or who want to reduce the number of toys they use per session (you can warm up on the smaller tip and blub, reducing the number of toys you need to warm up with)


This is an excellent plug and is my go to if I need something to warm up to something even bigger (like my Vixskin Randy dildo, my Sasha Grey medium plug, sexy spades medium plug, etc.). If you want a plug for warming up to/progression to larger toys I highly recommend it.

Want it? Need it?

The Severin (medium) is available from any of these trustworthy sex shops and retailers

Early To bed: Severin (small and large)
The Stockroom: Severin Plug (available red/black small, medium, and large) Tantus Severin Anal Plug

  1. For those of you who don’t know orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things if you can separate the two, as I have, you can feel one building independently of the other. []
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Chaos’s Guide To Sex Toy Materials

A sex toy’s material is one of the most important aspects of a toy. The materials determine how hygienic and safe a toy is: Can it harbor bacteria or is it non-porous, which doesn’t support nasty microbiological growth? Can I share it? Can I use it vaginally after using it anally? Is it easy is it to clean? etc. Influences how it feels in use: is it hard or soft? Does it feel realistic? etc. Affects its price: is the material expensive or economical? Certain materials are odorless; others smell like a chemical cocktail. Some materials are hypoallergenic while others have like latex or phthalates, which can cause painful, very unsexy, burning allergic reactions or in the case of phthalates have been connected to numerous other health issues as well, Do you want some carcinogens with your orgasms?

This is why I am here with a guide to tell you what you need to know about different sex toys materials and help you pick the perfect toy for you. Happy orgasms!

This is a continuous work in progress and will be updated as I post more reviews on different toys with different materials.

Silicone (100% silicone, dual density silicone)

Not to be confused with TPR silicone which is composite material.


Tantus Silk Silicone dildos and example of product made from 100% pure silicone (click here for my review).

One of the overall best sex toy materials on the market, silicone is a smooth, highly hygienic, odorless, and durable, material used for a variety of different toys. Many toys, especially many dildos and butt plugs, are made entirely of silicone (ex. products by Tantus or Vixen Creations) and it is also used on top of plastic and other materials in many vibrators, prostate massagers, etc. It comes in a wide range of firmness depending on the company’s formulation from near plastic like hardness (ex. LeLo’s silicone) to extremely soft and flesh-like. With some manufactures offering toys in multiple levels of firmness, (ex. the Randy is available in both regular silicone and dual density Vikskin silicone) or even let you pick which level of firmness you want. Lastly, many manufactures offer dual density silicone, which uses two layers of silicone provide a more realistic feel: a firm inner core and a softer outer layer. Silicone has minor to significant drag depending on the toys finish so use it well lubricated.

Lube Compatibility: It is recommend to use only water or oil based lubes, silicone lubes are not recommended as silicone lubes can have a bonding reaction with silicone toys which will mar the surface of the toy. This bonding is more likely the softer the silicone is, so take extra care with soft or dual density silicone. If you still want to use silicone lubes with a silicone toy do a small test patch on an inconspicuous part of the toy to test for a reaction.

Safety and Sharing: Silicone is non-porous and easy to clean/sterilize thus it can shared be between multiple partners (or used between multiple of your own orifices ex. both anally and vaginally) as long as it is properly cleaned and disinfected/sterilized between partners (or orifices). You can also share using a condom for protection. It is hypoallergenic and is free of phthalates or latex.

Cleaning and Maintenance (for toys made entirely of 100% silicone): For basic cleaning just use hot soap and water or a toy cleaner. For a more thorough disinfection, clean it using a 10% bleach solution (make sure to fully rinse the toy before use!), boil it for 3 minutes, or run it through your dishwasher (on the top rack, without any detergent). For the most through home sterilization, boil in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes. If you have, access to one you can also sterilize silicone in an autoclave. You can let silicone air dry or wipe it down with a lint free cloth.

Storage: Silicone does not have any special storage requirements, however many like to store each toy in a plastic bag or similar storage to be on the safe side. (However, a reaction between two solid silicone toys touching in storage is unlikely as long as both are 100% silicone, a reaction between silicone lubes and silicone toys, as noted above, is more likely).

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Gayle Rubin Meets a Succubus: p.2 Lost Opportunities: Lost Girl & Sex Negativity

This is part 2 of my paper analyzing the portrayal of sexuality of the TV series Lost Girl using Gayle Rubin’s Thinking Sex. This section will fcous on the negative aspects as well as a brief look at it reception in the media. You can read part focused on the positive aspect of the shows portrayal and can be read here.


Despite the overall positive portrayal, there remain at least five elements of the show that do perpetuate sex negativity and/or undermine its power as a sex positive representation.

1.     Too Protagonist Centered

The first problem with the show as a sex positive representation is that it is overly focused on the protagonist; other characters are generally not seen as sexual unless they are being sexual with Bo. This is problematic for two reasons. The first is that it lessens the sense of the Fae world as a sex positive society. Secondly, it easily allows the viewer to create an individual expectation for Bo (i.e. “well it is ok in her case”) thus easily allowing that viewer to maintain their sex negative worldviews even as they watch a show with clear sex positive messages.

2.     The Light/Dark Prohibition

Although the show, in line with the goals of Thinking Sex, typically avoids needless sexual regulations, the Fae world contains one major legally enforced sexual taboo. The Fae world is divided into two factions, Light and Dark, currently in a guarded truce with each other. Members of one faction are forbidden to engage in sexual relations with members of the other under penalty of death. Bo, choosing to remain unaligned, is the only Fae free to copulate with both sides; while we admire her for being unaligned and see the division negatively little is done to truly challenge this status quo, weakening the show’s sex positive message.

Although the show has had several subplots about the Light and Dark working together and forming alliances, the sexual prohibition has remained firmly in place. Further upholding the status quo is that Trick “The Blood King” that originally created the truce and its sexual prohibitions is a main character and portrayed sympathetically despite creating such sexually draconian laws. For example, the once year celebration where these prohibitions are temporarily rescinded is seen as “scared” and “spiritual” by Trick and not a sign of needless sexual restriction, with Bo and others joining this positive assessment by calling it a “big party” and throughout the episode Trick’s other laws prove valuable to Bo saving the day. Lastly, the only character that seemed truly interested in dismantling this status quo was portrayed as a villain and radical terrorist.

3.     Lack of Gay Men and Other Queer Identities

Although the show has clear positive representations of lesbians and female bisexuality, the show has no recurring gay men or male bisexuals, only a passing case of the week has featured gay men. The show also has not had any characters with sexual identities falling outside of the traditional homo/hetro/bisexual taxonomy. This lessens the scope of the Fae world as a sex positive presentation and as female bisexuality/lesbianism can easily fit inside the dominant male gaze it lessens the threat it as a portrayal possess to the sexual status quo.

4.     Double Standard: Female on Male Rape

Despite clearly defying the traditional female/male, slut/stud double standard, the show perpetuates a double standard in its treatment of female on male rape. In the show’s twelfth episode, Bo’s mother attacks, rapes, and nearly kills Bo’s boyfriend Dyson. Although Dyson is clearly traumatized by this, the rest of the cast plays the incident as if it were an act of seduction. Bo confronts her mother about “seducing” her boyfriend, in a later episode she says her mother “slept” with her boyfriend and the morning after a friend refers to the attack as Bo’s mother having “really, really, really banged Dyson”.

5.     Problematic Representations

Lastly, the show contains at least two problematic sexual portrayals. The first is that the only characters portrayed in BDSM activities are recurring antagonists creating an association, otherwise avoided, between sexual activity and moral peril.

The second is its representation of trans-gendered individuals. The second season premier Caged Fae revolved around a biological male who posed as the female warden of a women’s prison in order to rape the guards and prisoners. A representation that is both trans-phobic as well as gender essentialist as the rapist’s biological sex is uncovered by having their genitals grouped. GLADD in particular spoke out heavily against this episode and eventually got the producers to issue an apology letter (Kane 2013). Although whether or not the individual was actually trans-gender or a cross-dressing cis-man is debatable it nevertheless played into trans-phobic myths; even the ambiguity as to whether the rapist was actually trans-gender, commonly used in the show’s defense[1], plays in to the myth that all trans-gender individuals are ultimately just cross-dressers with nefarious agendas.

Reception & Discourse Analysis

Overall, the show has been well received for it portrayal of sexuality, although individual episodes have been criticized for their portrayals of BDSM and trans-gendered individuals as discussed above. Lesbian oriented media especially has had a positive reaction to the show, the popular lesbian site After Ellen alone has over 100 article tagged “Lost Girl” (After Ellen); the show won four of their 2012 Viability Awards (After Ellen Staff 2013); and a Lost Girl character won their March Madness Best Lesbian/Bi Character Tournament (Hogan 2013). The show’s lesbian pairings have also revived acceptance outside of lesbian orientated media with one of the shows lesbian relationships wining E! Online’s 2013’s TV’s Top Couples Tournament (Mullins 2013). Lastly, the actors during a season 2 pre-show episode have said that they received feedback from fans saying that the show has helped them come out to their families and friends, demonstrating that the show is having an impact on our ongoing discourse about queer acceptance, even if the focus seems to be primarily on lesbian acceptance.

However, the show has also faced criticism for its level of sexual content, one reviewer on AV Club reviewing the controversial Caged Fae episode called it “every misogynistic, male-gaze hyper-sexualized cliché” (McFarland 2013). However, others have appreciated the show’s sexual explicitness After Ellen complimented the show for letting “lesbian couples have sex with the lights on!” (After Ellen Staff 2013) and an article on Think Progress wished to see Lost Girl’s approach to sexuality “tacked up in a lot of writers’ rooms” (Rosenberg 2013). This question about objectification versus appreciation is highly relevant as the show’s creator listed “both genders are to be (adoringly!) objectified — equal opportunity eye candy FTW” (Rosenberg 2012) as one of her writing goals. This raises the question does this represent an achievable goal or is it an impossible and problematic oxymoron. This remains an open question but an important one going forward not just discussing this particular cultural object but for the questions of sex positivity and representations of sexuality in general.

[1] See the comments section to Kane 2013 for examples.

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Rosenberg, Alyssa. Think Progress, “‘Lost Girl’ Creator Michelle Lovretta On Rules for Sex-Positive TV.” Last modified 05 30, 2012. Accessed April 20, 2013.

Rubin, Gayle. Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality. Pleasure and Danger. Edited by Carole Vance. Routledge & Kegan, Paul, 1984

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Review: Goddess Handle

The Goddess Handle by Tantus

The Goddess Handle is part of Tantus’ series of toys featuring long handle bases. It currently consists of three toys, this toy that is a version of the Goddess dildo but with a handle instead of the tradition flared-base; the Echo handle which is a similarly updated version of the Echo dildo, and the original Anaconda design.   

The Goddess Handle

The Goddess Handle

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns.

This dildo is made out of Tantus’s 100% silicone. Silicone is non-porous, odorless, tasteless, hypoallergenic, and free of phthalates or latex. For basic cleaning just use some hot soap and water. For a more thorough cleaning: boil it for 5 minutes, cleaning using a 10% bleach solution (be sure to rinse it off before using it again!), put it in your dishwasher on the top rack with no soap. For a home sterilization put it a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. The one thing you do have to be careful of is that silicone lubes can have a bonding reaction with silicone lubes, so avoid using them with this toy. If you must use silicone lubes do a test patch on the bottom of the toy first to test for reactions.

Design and Dimensions

The toy measures a total length of 10.5 inches, of that 6.5 inches is insertable and the remaining 4 inches is for the handle portion of the toy. The insertable portion starts with a phallic-like head about 1.5 inches in max diameter. The shaft has a mild wave like texture throughout it length.

Goodness Handle Shaft

The Goddess Handle Shaft

When you reach the handle, it narrows to about an inch in diameter as you can see it has three ridges that bulge out to about 1.2” giving the handle a very good grip. Finally, there is flared bottom a little under 2 inches that adds to the grip.

The Goddess Handle

The Goddess’ Handle

The silicone is firm; however, you can bend it at the point where the insertable portion meets the handle, almost in half.

The Goddess Flexibility

Demonstrating the Flexibility of the Goddess

Pleasure and Use

 Having a handle instead of the typical flared base is a simple but incredibly effective idea. Frist off, as I am male I am obviously using it anally. I am confident that this is safe for anal due, its long length, good grip, and it having a flared base. The flare is not enough for me to trust on a regular dildo but the odds of your grip slipping and the toy being able to completely go in and make it past the flare is too unlikely for me to worry. Unless you have an exceptionally hungry ass and a poor grip I would not worry. 

 Moving on, the long handle gives you a better grip and thus better control over your thrusting with the toy, which is great if you have problems getting a good grip or reach with other dildos. It works beautifully in all positions I tried it in especially penetrating myself on my side. One masturbation hint is that using a sex pillow of some sort to boost your hip can help give you a better angle if masturbating on your back. The handle also works very well if you’re using a dildo on a partner. One thing that surprised me about this handle design is that has amazingly good performance when used in mount, but I’ll go over that in its own section below.

 Moving on to the texture, I could feel it but it is not very intense, so this is not the toy to go with if you are big on texture. If you are very big on texture my favorite Tantus texture remains the Tsunami. If you are on the opposite end and don’t like texture then you should go with the smooth Anaconda. The firmness of the toy worked well for me although it may be too firm for others. The moderate size worked well for me. It may be too big for some, too big if you’re a novice to anal, and you’d want to warm up with finger or a smaller toy but it is overall not difficult to work up to it so it will see frequent use. Since I mentioned both the toys firmness and the flexibility it has in the middle, I should note that you could actually use this for some impact play yielding it like a Billy club.

 Other than possible size and firmness preferences I mention above it is hard for me to find much negative thing to say about this. However, there are some differences this handle version has form the standard that may make you prefer the flared base version. The first is that the standard Goddess has a hole in the base for inserting a vibrator to turn it into a vibrator. I don’t mind the loss of this feature as I prefer to use dedicated vibrator like the Lux LX-3 or the Fun Factory Duke and not a bullet powered system if I want internal vibrations but you may feel differently. The other benefit to the originals design is that it allows you to use a suction cup like the Tantus Suction cup. I think it a fair trade off but if you like using suction cups to stick dildos to things you may prefer the flared base model. Last but certainly not least, the flared base model is o-ring harness compatible so obviously, if you use your dildo in harness you’d prefer the traditional Goddess.

 Overall, I really love this new handle design. The biggest compliment I can give it that I want to see more toy with the handle design. Specifically I’d love to see a handle version of the Tsunami and handle toys made in their dual density O2 silicone (the kind they use for their Revolution, Crush, Luke, Flurry, Adam, Max, Mark, etc.).

 Using it in a mount

The Goddess Handle in my Liberator mounts. Top left: In the BonBon. Top right: In the Pulse. Middle: In the Wing (top slot) Bottom In the Wing (side slot).

The Goddess Handle in my Liberator mounts. Top left: In the BonBon. Top right: In the Pulse. Middle: In the Wing (top slot) Bottom In the Wing (side slot).

I own three Liberator dildo mounts the Wing, the BonBon, and the Pulse and they tend to be my favorite way to use any dildo that is compatible with them.

Although this handle dildo is obviously designed for handheld use trying it in my mounts I actually believe that it works better than most flared base dildos. The handle portion when inserted into the hole firmly anchors into place, leaving the insertable portion out and ready to ride. Comparing it to flared base dildos such as the Echo the handle actually roots it more firmly in place then the flare. Therefore, if you are buying this to use it in a mount I’d actually recommend the handle version of the Echo or Goddess over the flared base model.

Another reasons that this work so well in the mount is that as it can flex well at the point the handle meets the insertable portion means that it can bend to provide a good angle for penetration or g-spot pressure without sacrificing the stability of its hold on the base. This great mount performance is major plus for me and one of the main reason I’m moving all the other handle toys to the top of my wish list.


The Goddess handle comes in a clear roughly 12” x 2.5” x 2.5” plastic packaging in the same style of most Tantus toys. There are some generic points about Tantus toys and silicone all around it but nothing distasteful. As it is clear, it is obviously not discreet but it is simple and classy. The packaging is poor for storage.

Goddess Handle Packaging

Goddess Handle Packaging

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Tantus handle is one of my top three dildos, alongside the Tsunami (favorite textured dildo) and my VixSkin Goodfella (favorite realistic dildo).

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Review: Gold-Laced G

Gold-Laced G by SSA Glass

I bought the Gold Laced G on Black Friday long ago because it was on sale at a price I could not resist. Is it good as gold or I am I suffering from buyer’s remorse? Read ahead to find out.

Gold-Laced G by SSA Glass

The Gold-Laced G by SSA Glass

Materials: Clearing and Safety concerns

The toy is made out of Pyrex glass, which is non-porous and free of phthalates. To clean the toy use soap and water or a toy cleaner. For more thorough cleaning it can be sanitized by using a 10% bleach solution, boiling it, or running it through your dishwasher (top rack, no soap). Sanitizing the toy before use is essential if you are sharing the toy or are going from anal to vaginal use. You can also use a condom in these circumstances if sanitizing it isn’t an option. Glass toys should be inspected for cracks or chips before use, make sure to do this if you accidently drop the toy. Lastly, glass is compatible with all lubes.

Design and Dimensions

The toy is 6 ¼ inches tall about 6 inches worth being insertable. It has a diameter of approximately one inch. The base measures roughly 2 1/3 inches long by 1 ½ inches wide.

The toy has a semi-realistic design that looks like a clear penis warped in a lattice of gold. It starts with a rounded head that resembles the head of a penis. This head has two ridges on it, like the cornea of the penis followed by the foreskin. We then move down to the shaft which has a lactic like patterned across it length. We end with the base, which is off center making it look like a set of testicles, there is a ridge on it that adds to the look.

Visual beauty

Overall, the combination of whimsicalness of gold latticing combined with the semi-realistic shape gives the toy a very beautiful appearance; although for those that really like to display their toys it can be hard to get the lighting right to maximize it beauty. If the light is too strong, the latticing comes off looking yellow instead of a more golden; too much shadow and it comes off amber-ish. The only minor flaw in its appearance is that if you look very closely you can notice some very small imperfections (air bubbles) in the gold latticing.

Pleasure and Use

Although the first thing people are going to notice about this toy is latticing along the shaft I am going to start with the head of the toy. The two ridges at the base of the head where the most intense textual aspect of this toy, much more intense then the texture on the shaft of the toy. The head of the toy is rounded which helps with insertion, although make sure to use a good amount of lube, especially anally. Moving on to the shaft the latticing is noticeable and feels like a series of ridges along its length, it can be intense especially if you are new to texture but isn’t as intense as the two ridges on the head. The base is substantial enough that I had no problems holding it, the base also makes it safe for anal use, however as the base is off center it wouldn’t fir into a harness. The toy has a very slight curve however it is too minor to make this toy an effective P-spot (or G-spot) dildo. Lastly, remember glass is hard and inflexible so be careful too not get to overzealous with it and bruise/damage delicate tissues.

Temperature play.

One of the benefits of glass is that it holds temperature very well. You can heat this up or cool this down by putting it in a water bath or wrapping it in a warm/cool towel. A warmed toy can make insertion easier, while a cool toy can add an exciting rush. Be careful when cooling a toy used anally as coolness can make the sphincters contract when you need them to relax. Another application of temperature play is using the toy externally as a temperature wand to stimulate clit, nipples scrotum etc., the ridges on the dildo can also come in handy here.

Although don’t get carried away as extreme temperatures can damage delicate tissues i.e. cooling this in the fridge would be ok, the freezer would not. Make sure to check the temperature on the back of your hand, like your checking the temperature of milk for a baby, before using it. Also on that note, too rapid a temperature change can weaken the integrity of the toy and could even cause it to shatter.

Packaging and Storage

The toy came in lovely red drawstring pouch. This pouch makes it good for gift giving; the color will even match your Christmas stockings/ red valentine days hearts/any other red festive thing you can think of. The pouch isn’t well padded so while its good for keeping the toy dust free while in storage don’t depend on it to protect your toy. Care should be taken when storing the toy so that it is not bumping up against anything that could crack or chip it especially other hard toys such as other glass toys or stainless steel toys, etc.

Gold-Laced G Storage Pouch

The Gold-Laced G Storage Pouch

Who is it for?

If you like the design of the toy and like texture, this toy comes recommend. The head and shaft combined with the hardness of glass may make this toy a bit much for beginner despite its small diameter. On the other hand the small diameter may make it poor if you like bigger toys and the curve is not good for g/p-spotting if that is what you are looking for.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this is a great little dildo with an interesting visual combination of the whimsical and the realistic. It does not quite blow me away but it good enough to earn four stars.

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Review: Aneros Helix syn

Aneros Helix syn by Aneros

The Aneros Helix syn is an updated version of the Aneros Helix prostate massager, taking the basic design and coating in smooth body safe silicone. Like most Aneros toys, this is a T-shaped prostate massager with an insertable portion and an external perineum tab to stimulate this sensitive region between the anus and genitals. Read ahead for the more details.

Aneros Helix syn

The Aneros Helix syn

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns.

The toy is made out of a plastic inner frame coated in smooth silicone. The silicone is black and the portions of the plastic frame that stick out from the coating, the handle, and a small dot on the perineum tab, are red.

For basic cleaning, you can just use hot soap and water. For a more thorough cleaning, you could wipe it down with some isopropyl alcohol. Remember although silicone could hold up to more thorough cleaning techniques (i.e. boiling), you can’t subject the Helix syn to them because they will melt the plastic frame.

Lastly, don’t use silicone lubes with this toy as silicone lubes can bond with silicone toys. If you must try using silicone lubes with this do a small test patch to check for reactions.

Design and Dimensions

The toy’s total length, measured from the tip of the toy to the bottom of the handle, is roughly 5 inches. The insertable portion is about 4 inches and has an oval shape with two bumps along the top. The short axis is about 9/10”. The long axis starts with a max diameter of an 1 1/16 inch at the first bump, narrows to about .85” then expanding to form the second bump at about 9/10 of an inch. The diameter then narrows to its neck diameter of about .45”.

The bottom portion of the toy has a curved handle and the perineum tab, which will provide perineum stimulation. Together they are about 4 ¾ inches across. The perineum tab is about an inch up from the bottom of the toy the nub at the end is about .30” think and about half an inch in diameter. It weighs 1.15 oz.

This toy is part of the Aneros line of prostate massagers, which includes this toy (obviously), the Aneros helix that this is based off of, the Aneros MGX, Aneros SGX, Aneros maximus, Aneros progasm, Aneros eupho, Aneros progasm ice, Aneros peridise, the stainless steel Aneros Tempo, and the vibrating Aneros Vice.

Pleasure and Use

To start just a quick note about prostate massagers to start. If you’ve never used one before the goal is to insert it anally and then move it hand free (although you can still activate it manually if you prefer) using your PC muscles. The insertable portion will provide stimulation to the prostate while the external tab will stimulate the perineum aka the taint region. Prostate stimulation can results in stronger orgasms, orgasms that feel different from other orgasms, build-up that feels different from a other methods or even the ability to have male multiple orgasms depending on how your body response. It also is theorized to have several potential health benefits.

With that, out of the way how does this toy hold up? Let start with internal portion: the tip’s small overall diameter and slightly taper makes it easy to insert, while the shape of the main body provides effective internal stimulation. Lastly, the neck provides sufficient contrast with the main body that it will not slip out even during orgasm (very important if like me prostate massage is a multi-orgasmic experience) as well as allowing it to effectively wiggle to massage the prostate. The silicone coating is very smooth which allows for easy insertion and is one of the most hygienic materials for sex toys.

Moving on to the external portion, the design has both pros and cons. The soft silicone and thin plastic frame makes the external portion flexible unlike most prostate massager that are completely ridged. This makes it less stimulating then most a con for me in a for a straight forward massage but this will be great if you want a gentler perineum tab than those offered by other massagers. Where this becomes a pro for me is that this flexibility plus the thin design plus make it comfortable to sit on and wear underclothes allowing it to double as an excellent butt plug. This also mean I can go in public and have a completely discreet in public prostate orgasm complete with perineum stimulation with this toy. One other prostate massager has had a design that allowed me to do that (the Janus anti-shock) however of the two this toy is more comfortable. These same features make is great to wear during intercourse, as it will provide stimulation with less chance of it getting uncomfortably in the way.


The toy comes in an elegant red and black outer box. The black cardboard ribbon across the box has a picture of the toy in the front and some bullet points and a paragraph about the toy in the back. This ribbon portion could be removed if you wanted but the box still has the word “Aneros” on the top and back flap and faint outlines of the toy all around the box.

The Aneros Helix syn outer packaging

The Aneros Helix syn outer packaging

Once you open the outer cardboard box, you can pull out the toy’s storage box (roughly 5.25” by 7.5” by 1.75”) which is made out of sturdy cardboard and like the outer box has a red and black color scheme. The box folds open, magnets will keep it securely closed until then, revealing the toy inside a black plastic tray. This storage box is classy and discreet, the only sign that this has a sex toy inside is a very light lettering with the word “Aneros” on the front and back sides of the box.

The Aneros Helix syn storage box

The Aneros Helix syn storage box

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this toy is an excellent addition to the Aneros line of prostate massagers that also doubles as a good butt plug. Highly recommended

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Review: Mood Fantastic

Mood Fantastic by Doc Johnson

Good vibrations, battery life, and design mean this rechargeable wand massager lives up to its name. Read ahead for all the details.

The Mood Fantastic by Doc Johnson

The Mood Fantastic by Doc Johnson

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

This toy is made out of two materials, the body is made out of smooth ABS plastic and the head is made out of TPR. TPR is porous so you should not share it unless you use a condom with it each time. The materials are free of phthalates and latex. You can carefully wash it with a damp cloth and a bit of soap (keep in mind the toy is not waterproof). You can use it with water or silicone based lubes.

Close up of the Mood Fantastic's Head.

Close up of the Mood Fantastic’s Head.

Design and Dimensions

This toy has a typical wand massager design it is about 10.5 inches long with an easy to grip rounded body about 8” long, a flexible neck about an inch long and a head about an inch and half long. The smooth head is about 1.75 in diameter and has five ridges on its side that provide a bit of texture (make sure to keep these in mind when cleaning).

On the front side is a dial that controls the vibrations. You turn the dial down and it will turn on with a click continuing to turn it down will increase the vibrations. On the left side is a small, oval, silver button that will pulse the vibration when you press it.

Close Up: Mood Fantastic Controls

Close Up: Mood Fantastic Controls

On the right side, you will find the charging port and a set of indicator lights. A red light that will pulsate in time with the strength/pulsating of the vibrations and a blue light which will turn on when it is charging and turn off when it done charging.  Under all of these elements is a 2/3 of an inch silver colored band that for decoration.

The Mood Fantastic's Charging Port.

The Mood Fantastic’s Charging Port.

It is available in pink, purple, and black. These color choice as well as the little sliver touch makes this one of the more visually pleasing toys on the market (great if the more utilitarian designs of toys such as the Hitachi or Wahl Turn you off).

The charger is white with a rectangular pack that measures roughly 2 inches by 1.25 inches. This means it will block the port below it when plugged in vertically. With a cord about about an inch under 5 feet in length.

The charger for the Mood Fantastic

The charger for the Mood Fantastic

Lastly, this toy is part of Doc Johnson’s Mood line of toys which included: the Mood naughty butt plug, the Mood pleaser masturbation sleeve, the Mood seductive and Mood passionate internal vibrators, the Mood powerful and Mood playful external vibrators and many more.

Pleasure and Use

This is a rechargeable wand made for external use only, most will be looking at this as a clitoral vibe but it can be used on any external body part for example nipples, penis, scrotum,  the opening of the anus or any other external erogenous zones. Also, remember that these wands are also great for non-erotic body massage.

What makes the fantastic, fantastic? Let’s start with the most obvious feature of a vibrator, how it vibrates. The toys has adjustable vibrations ranging from very light vibrations to very strong vibrations. At full strength, it has good power for a rechargeable, it is not as strong as plug into the wall vibes such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Inspire, the Fairy Wand, the Miracle Wand or my all-time favorite the (almighty) Wahl. So if your first priority is power and don’t need them in a rechargeable form I’d look at those first. However if you need a rechargeable or a willing to trade a bit of power for it this is a solid I’d give this a 4.5 (4 rounding down) out of 5 which will be sufficient for most. The vibrations are also more rumbly (deep feeling) then buzzy (more surface feeling). In terms of noise, the toy is quitter then something like the Hitachi however still makes a lot of noise enough to be heard through a sheet. I would give it a 4 out of 5 for noise.

Let us look at the controls next. The simple dial system is great if you like to quickly adjust the vibration intensity. For example let say you want to slowly build to a orgasm spending some time right on the edge of orgasm, this dial always you to easily adjust the strength dialing it back to keep you (or your partner) on the edge then quickly turning it up to get closer to orgasm again. If the type of play interests you these dial type control provide quicker responsiveness then push button controls. In addition to the dial, there is an oval button on the side that will pulsate the vibrations when pressed. This is great if you want to switch up the stimulation a bit allowing you to switch easily between consistent vibrations and pulsing. The pulsating also feels a bit more powerful than the consistent vibrations do. Although it is easy to hold down and use this mode for as long as you like, if you really love pulsations you might prefer a wand, like the Mystic Wand, that has dedicated pulsation functions.

Solid vibrations and controls would be for nothing without good battery life, luckily the Mood fantastic and the Mood fantastic measures up well. The battery has lasted me for a half any hour at minimum when testing which is a respectable time. Just as if not more importantly to me is that this also has very good stand by battery life. I have gone weeks without using it and was still able to pick up and use it. In fact that this has the best stand-by time if the three rechargeable wands I’ve tried (this, the mini-rechargeable Wahl, and the Mystic Wand rechargeable) and it is a big reason I consider this the best rechargeable wand I’ve tried (I forget to charge things).

I have no real complainants about this toy however a waterproof version would be nice.


The toy comes in a cardboard and plastic box approximately 3.5” wide by 2.25” deep by 14.5” tall (15.5” counting the hanging tab). The front side is black with a cut out showing the toy inside under plastic; the back of this inner portion is white with various colored dots on it. The back has some basic point about the toy on it. The packaging is poor for storage but you do not have to destroy it to open. No instructions are included.

The Mood Fantastic Packaging.

The Mood Fantastic Packaging.

Closing Thoughts

Overall while this massager is not going to dethrone (almighty) Wahl as my favorite overall massager me it’s combination of solid vibration, good design, and good battery life makes it true to its name and the best rechargeable wand I’ve tried so far.

product picture
Wand massager by Doc Johnson
Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
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