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Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is an Abomination (part 1)

I hate dollhouse. I hate Joss Whedon for being its creator. I hate Fox for renewing it for a second season (one of the lowest rated show on a major network to be renewed ever). I temporally hated my own … Continue reading

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The Beauty and Mystery of Double (and Triple!) Penetration

For as long as I can remember understanding what a double penetration is I have been fascinated by the act; same for its big brother triple penetration. I never been part of one or any group sex experience for that … Continue reading

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The irony of rad-fem and porn

It amazing what you see when you get rid of years of social, religious and political indoctrination. I see many things differently now, many many things. One thing that surprised me was I found myself looking at porn differently. I … Continue reading

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Yes, (imaginary) mistress!

I downloaded the file. I started watching in anticipation the scene starts with them discussing how the scene is going to be, my anticipation builds eventually the action starts Dean is tied up and then pixels..pixels…pixels, the video starts slowing … Continue reading

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The Final Hurdle

As I said in my first post on this blog, I have pretty much gotten past all the guilt and shame I’ve felt in the past about my own sexual fantasies (BDSM, rough sex, humiliation etc.). However, there is still … Continue reading

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Yes! May I have another?

Having recently had my first inkling of submissive (as opposed to dominate) sexual fantasy I went to to look at the previews for thier Men in Pain section. Now I was not a stranger to, the Training of … Continue reading

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A Taste of Cum

It might be a reflection on the nature of blogging that the first thing I end up posting on this thing is a story about masturbation (the original first post candidate was a 5 page analyses of Texas v. Lawrence, … Continue reading

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