Yes! May I have another?

Having recently had my first inkling of submissive (as opposed to dominate) sexual fantasy I went to to look at the previews for thier Men in Pain section. Now I was not a stranger to, the Training of O had been my favorite, but I had never imagined I would ever be surfing there femdom section. Curious I looked at the preview pics and eventually picked a video preview to watch, specifically this preview: Now the clip was only 45 seconds or so in length but those were some of the most intense seconds I’ve ever felt. I didn’t think I’d get aroused so easily but I did. It was sensory overload trying to process this new exciting form of sexual data. I watched it once and masturbated myself to one of the most intense orgasms I’ve had in my life… then to another orgasms immediately after. Several things surprised about this short but intense experience:

1) The intensity I felt, seriously it was a 45 second clip. (I lost control after 45 seconds on dear maybe I do need some umm..discipline.)

2) I enjoyed hearing Maitresse Madeline screaming “what have you learned about serving a women” at Dean while she violently slammed her heels on the floor far more then I would have imaged I would have.

3) What surprised me the most was I figured the cock and ball stuff would be the most intense to watch but they weren’t the most intense. The wack she gave to his ass was, I’ve seem female asses get whipped I figured how different could it be? O, was I wrong! When I heard the smack I jumped -in very good way.

4) I said I came twice after the clip; having my orgasms in pairs isn’t unusual but even that was a little different than normal. Usually the first orgasm is the warm-up for the stronger second one. In this case, the first was simply mind-numbing; the second while good was more of a pleasant necessity in order to clear out the remaining horny-ness.

I’m very curious to see how I will react to the whole scene. *Runs to find a torrent.*


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