Review: Tantus Silk (Medium)

Tantus Silk Medium by Tantus

This dildo is the first toy I picked up in order to explore anal play and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Writing this a heterosexual male, I can say this toy is perfect for introducing a hesitant guy to the pleasures of anal. The toy is simplicity itself a super smooth shaft with a slight curve, leading down to a flared base all made out of 100% pure silicone. This review is based on the Silk Medium (Diameter: 1.1″ Length: 5.25″)  however it is available in three sizes: small (Diameter: 1.1″ Length: 4.5″), the already mentioned medium, and large (Diameter: 1.5″ Length: 6.9″). It is recommend beginners start with the small and work their way up as they get used to anal. It is also available in three colors: lavender, pink and black (mine is black by the way). As of this writing there is a green one on closeout directly from Tantus, if feeling like your fucking the Hulk doesn’t bother you.


Tantus Silk 100% Silicone Dildos

As I said this toy is perfect for a anal toy newbie. Firstly, the must have feature, it has a flared base an absolute must have for anal play as toys can get lost up there otherwise. You do not want to become your local ER staff’s next funny patient story. This also makes it harness compatible and Tantus does make kits that include these along with a harness. I unfortunately don’t have a partner to test it out with but if you wind up liking anal as much as I do “willingness to strap up” will be quickly added to the list of qualities in your ideal partner.

Secondly, the smoothness makes it very easy to thrust in and out without difficulty (after applying sufficient lube of course). Thirdly, the material is firm while still having a small amount of give (at least compared to a truly hard toy material like aluminum). Another plus as you don’t want to stick anything too hard in there before you familiar with the twist and turns of your own rectum. Fourthly, it is 100% pure silicone which means it is easily sterilized either by boiling; using a 1:10 bleach solution; or running it in the dishwasher, top rack, no detergent. This makes it safer to use on yourself as it is less likely to to become a breeding ground for anything nasty and is a must have feature if you want to be able to share the toy or move from one hole to another. The moving from one hole to another is mainly an issue for women, you never go from ass to pussy without sterilizing in between, however it does mildly apply in my case as well. I’ve used the thing to give myself a face fucking (submissive fantasies) and although going ass to mouth isn’t really problem; I’m still really happy knowing I can get this thing sterilized. The only down side to the silicone is that you counter-intuitively should not use silicone lube (the two will have a chemical reaction) with it. Silicone lubes have more staying power in the rectum, the inability to use them is the only down side to using a silicone toy I can think of.

Silicone also has several other advantages in addition to hygiene concerns to start it heat up to body temperature well. Secondly, it carries vibrations extremely this may seem pointless in a non-vibrating toy but if you have an external vibration source like a massager, there you go. Lastly, and this isn’t technically an “official” feature but it still very much worth noting, get the base a little wet and place it on a clean, flat, horizontal surface and you’ll get a mild suction effect. This is terrific as it makes hand free riding much easier. My favorite way of using this toy is using this effect to get it to stick to the front of an old hardcover textbook placing the rig on my bed and riding the heck out of the thing. In fact I like it so much here is a picture:

My "Riding" Rig

My "Riding" Rig

Overall, there is nothing bad I can say about this toy; it is simple, effective and it perfect as a first time dildo for a male anal neophyte. Now if I could only find someone with a harness I could play with.


Lastly, for those that care here is a pic of the Silk in its orginal packaging

product picture
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone

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