The chaos Spreads…

I officially have my own domain name, hosting and I’m using rather the .com. So why on Earth would I go through the additional trouble of doing this? Main reasons:

  1. This little blog has become part of my sexual exploration, taking this blog more seriously is to take my exploration more seriously by extension. There is great symbolic power for me in giving my little online handle and what it represents about me more permanence by giving it a domain name.
  2. The added flexibility with plug-ins, themes, and widgets just makes things more enjoyable.
  3. I found myself asking: How many guys are willing to buy anal sex toys, do anal play, love it, admit it, and then write about it, including reviews of any sex toys used. My answer: Not enough. Therefore, to that end I’ve decided to take a “be the change you want to see in the world” approach. I was going to keep doing all this anyway but the realization that this blog also represents an opportunity to hopefully inform and inspire people a little bit there on own sexual explorations, only amplified my desire to be a better blogger.   To that end please enjoy the better late than never re-posting of   Pleasurists #43 below this post.

Let me finish the re-opening of this blog by pointing out a new addition. I also have a tumblr now titled defiance. I’ll just copy the description I put on the tumblr itself:

Welcome to Defiance, my collection of quotes, images, videos, etc that defy and challenge our society’s silly, puritanical, right-wing belief system; especially when it comes to sex. As an Ex-catholic (currently agnostic bordering on atheism), I know firsthand how screwed up this belief structure can make a person. Join me as we enjoy a little defiance. Sundays are erotic defiance: sexy, sensual, or even downright pornographic images that both titillate and defy conventions.

If I can pull off number three above that will also double as good penitence for all those years of being a hardcore Catholic.

Still have some tweaking to do but I’m pleased enough to put this up the way it is. Enjoy; feel free to make recommendation, tell me if anything is broken, tell me you love/hate it, please keep death threats to yourselves thou :).


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namelesschaos: Liberal Ex-Catholic. Sex Toy & Anal Play Junkie, Sex Blogging Newbie. Pro-choice, Anti-censorship, Militant anti-tobacco. Ready to join the chaos? E-mail at: namedbychaos @
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