Review: Alumina Pace

The Alumina Pace by Tantus

Cut to the Chase: The Alumina Pace is an anodized aluminum butt plug, that underwhelms as a straightforward butt plug (lack of a true base, expensive, not filling enough). However, aluminum’s temp play applications combined with the Alumina line’s mix and match feature redeem it and make this plug a good choice for those interested in temperature play.

The Alumina Pace

The Alumina Pace

Design and Dimensions

Firstly, the Alumina line is one of the most unique and innovative toy lines available on the market, due to two unique design features. The first is that, as its name suggests, all Alumina toys are made of anodized aluminum. The second is that all Alumina toys are composed of two sides (with an o-ring in the center) which unscrew allowing you to mix-and-match them with other Alumina toys. Get 2 or more Alumina toys and you can unleash your inner sex toy maker/mad scientist and create all short of mix and match options.

The Pace unscrews in the center so you can mix-and-match it with other toys.

The Pace unscrews in the center so you can mix-and-match it with other Alumina toys.

Going back to the Alumina Pace specifically it has the following dimensions: (I will discuss the rough dimensions of some of the mix and match options later in the review):

  • Length: 5”
  • Insertable length: 4”
  • Diameter (tip): 1 1/4”
  • Neck Diameter: ½”
  • Diameter (bottom of tail): 1 1/8”
  • Weight: Aluminum is lightweight for metal and the toy comes in at,  4.35 oz.

The Pace unlike the other toys in the Alumina line, which come in deep purple, comes in gunmetal black and like all the Alumina toys looks very pleasing to the eye.

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

The Alumina line is made of anodized aluminum, which is an extremely safe material. It is nonporous, hypoallergenic and phthalates free. You can clean the toy using warm soap and water or a toy cleaner. If you’re going to share the toy or use a toy that has been used anally vaginally sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution; boiling for 10 minutes or putting it in your dishwasher on the top rack with no soap. Aluminum is also compatible with all lubes.

Pleasure and Use

Looking at the toy as just a straightforward plug, I’m left unimpressed. The first problem is the lack of a true base. The small bulb at the end is not only not a true flared base, it is actually smaller at its widest diameter then the head of the toy. Because of this, I can’t recommend this toy for extended wear as there is too much of a risk of it being lost inside of you.(1) For this same reason, I wouldn’t use this toy if you tend to push on your plugs or if you tend to gape widely during your play. It does have a decent neck length, which helps mitigate these risks; I would still recommend caution when using this butt plug, however. The second reason is that the plug isn’t as comfortable as my other plugs. The head of the toy doesn’t give me that comfortable full feeling my other plugs do. The neck is also too thin to give me the satisfying feeling of having my ass muscles wrap around something nice and hard. You can flip it around and use the bulb end as well, this work for prostate stimulation but makes for a very awkward and uncomfortable butt plug.

On the positive side, the toy’s size and shape makes it easy to insert and I do use if I want an easy warm-up. The small bulb at the end ,although posing safety concerns, does mean the base is comfortable and doesn’t brother me. Although, other reviewers have commented that it sticks out too much for their liking and feels too much like walking around with a tail (although those with equestrian fetishes may like this). You might want to take a look at your own backside and ask if this will be comfortable for you. Lastly, the little o-ring where the two ends meet adds a surprisingly good sensation when inserting it. However, what really redeems this toy is its temperature play and mix and match potential.

Temperature Play

Aluminum is an excellent material for temp play. To demonstrate how well aluminum responses to temperature, the air conditioning in my house is usually kept low(2). When I first received the toy I didn’t have time to play with it right away so I left it on my desk in its case, when I came back a few hours later I was impressed with how cool it became just due to the ambient AC. For the opposite effect if I leave it by the window to be hit by the Florida sun, it warms up nicely. No other toy material I’ve tried has been this responsive to temperature. I personally use a water bath when I want to manipulate the temperature directly although you can use your microwave or freezer in order to warm or cool the toy. In addition to the obvious temp. play application of inserting a cooled or warmed toy (be careful not to overheat/cool the toy!) into you for added sensation; the mix and match feature of the Alumina line takes this a step further and allows you to do something unique, that is difficult to do outside the Alumina line. Take the toy apart and adjust the temperature of the toy pieces separately for some fun applications. Warm the head for easy insertion, but cool the tail for an added thrill as you feel the cold metal near your cheeks; or vice-versa feel the jolt of cold before transitioning into comforting warmth

You can also you this as an external temp play toy running it over your or your lovers body. Both ends of the Pace can work this way but its small size means it is not the best for this application. However, the Alumina line’s mix and match feature allows you to make some interesting temp play wands by combing the Pace’s parts with other Alumina toys. Again, you can heat/cool each end of the toy separately and switch between the two ends when using it this way. The Pace’s mix and match potential is what I’ll cover next.

Mix and Match

I own two other Alumina Toys the Revolve and the Flow. I’ll briefly describe the mix and match toys you can make with them below. I’ve taken a pic of each mix and match toy alongside an inch ruler and have included the approximate weight of each configuration as measured on my digital scale to give you a better idea of what each combination is like. I’ll also update this section as soon as I get my hands on a Motion

~Alumina Pace + Alumina Flow

Configuration F1: Tip of the Pace + Large end of the Flow (11.5 oz.)

Configuration F1: Tip of the Pace + Large end of the Flow (11.55 oz.)

I like this combo. It works nicely as a dildo with the head giving me that neatly little sensation the o-ring gives. I like to do the two-toned temp. play I described above with this configuration. Going from one temp in the “head” to a different one in the “shaft” feels very nice with this combination. The tip of the Pace makes a poor handle so you can’t easily flip it around and use the Flow end to penetrate yourself with this combo.

Configration F3: Tip of the Pace +Thin end of the Flow (5.35 oz)

Configuration F2: Tip of the Pace +Thin end of the Flow (5.35 oz)

This configuration is good for one thing, the sensation of having the tip and its o-ring penetrating you. It kind of a niche sensation but if I’m in the mood for it this works well. The tip of the Pace again doesn’t work well as a handle so you can’t flip it around easily.

Configuration F3: The round end of the Pace + The think end of the Flow (11.30 oz.)

Configuration F3: Bulb end of the Pace + Large end of the Flow (11.30 oz.)

This is probably my favorite configuration as the bulb end of the Pace works for prostate stimulation and the thick end of the Flow is my favorite for thrusting by hand. You can use this to provide both forms of stimulation.

Configuration F3: Round end of the Pace + Thin end of the Flow (5.10 oz)

Configuration F4: Bulb end of the Pace + Thin end of the Flow (5.10 oz)

The bulb end of the Pace is good for prostate stimulation and the thin end of the Flow provides a nice handle to use this configuration as a prostate massager. The bulb end of the Pace isn’t a perfect handle but works well enough if you want to use the opposite end. Both ends of this configuration are good to use as an eternal temp play wand. You could also do two-sided temp play when using it as an external toy. Holding it from the center so you can quickly twirl it and quickly switch between the two temperatures, is a bit awkward because the weight isn’t well distributed but it worked well none the less.

~Alumina Pace + Alumina Revolve

Configuration R1: Tip of the Pace + The bumpy end of the Revolve (7.05 oz)

Configuration R1: Tip of the Pace + Bumpy end of the Revolve (7.05 oz)

I don’t feel too much difference between the Pace’s tip and the start of the Revolve, although there is a slight bump, so for the most part it feels like one big head. As usually the Pace’s tip doesn’t work as a handle, so you can’t really flip it around. I also like doing temp play with this combo, warm the tip but cool the bumps or vice-versa.

.Configuration M2: Tip of the Pace + Bulb end of the Revolve ( oz.)

Configuration R2: Tip of the Pace + Bulb end of the Revolve ( 5.40 oz.)

This like Configuration F2 above works well if you want the feeling of the Pace’s tip and it o-ring penetrating you. You can flip it around and use the bulb end of the flow for P-spot stimulation, but again there are better options for the “handle”.

Configuration M3: The round End of the Pace+ the bumpy end of the Revolve (6.8 oz)

Configuration R3: Bulb End of the Pace+ Bumpy end of the Revolve (6.80 oz)

The bumby end of the flow works well enough as a handle when using the Pace end; and vice-versa for using the Pace end to thrust the Revolve end.

Configuration M4: The bulb end of the Pace + Bulb end of the Revolve

Configuration R4: Bulb end of the Pace + Bulb end of the Revolve (5.15 oz.)

The bulb end of the Pace and the bulb end of the Revolve are basically different size versions of each other. You can use this configuration to switch between the two and see which works best for you. This also makes a good external temp play as it is easy to switch between a temp on one bulb and a different temp on the other.


The Alumina line has some of the most elegant packaging I’ve seen. Each toy comes in a black box with sliver lettering and a sliver outline of the toy inside. Opening the box you’ll find the toy cradled in foam along with a little leaflet explaining the Alumina line. The packaging can easily be used to store your toy again after use. This elegant packaging also makes this toy easy to give as a gift.

The Alumina Pace in it original packaging

The Alumina Pace in its original packaging

Price and Value

This toy is an investment at nearly $70 MSRP; however, this toy is made of extremely durable material and can last a lifetime. The mix and match function also increases the value of your purchase as long as you have or are planning to get other toys in the line.

Who is it for?

Those into temp play should definitely consider picking up one of these thanks to aluminum’s excellent temp play properties combined with its mix and match temp play potential. As I said this toy didn’t impress me as a straight forward plug so those just looking for something to plug themselves or their partner with should look elsewhere. Although insertion is easy, the hardness of aluminum and the potential safety issues with the base combined with its high cost makes this a toy for more advanced users, novices should probably look elsewhere.

Going Green?

If you like your bedroom activities to be easy on the environment; the Alumina Pace is an excellent eco-friendly purchase. First off, Tantus Inc. is known for its green manufacturing practices. Secondly, aluminum is an extremely abundant metal and is 100% recyclable. Lastly, durability that can easily last a lifetime means you will not be using up resources re-buying the toy somewhere down the line.

Closing Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about the Pace, on balance I’ll give it three stars; however deduct a star if you’re not interested in temp play, alternatively add a star if you know that temp play is your thing.

product picture
Butt plug by Tantus
Material: Aluminum
  1. Even thou I have used it for extended wear, without problems. Do as I say, not as I do, do as I say, not as I do! []
  2. Not by me, just for the record []

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