Review: Tantus Squirt/Captain

The Tantus Squirt is also known as the Tantus Captain ,the toys are identical in size and dimension the only different is in the color and how Tantus marketed them, and it is technically the Captain I own but like I said just imagine a different color and you have the Squirt. No matter what you call it however, the toy is a great girth dildo for those looking for a P or G-spotting toy. Although, if you have any interesting in getting it, move quickly as it is being discontinued.

The Tantus Captain/Squirt  P/G spotting dildo

The Tantus Squirt: As stated in the body of the review the red color technically makes this the Captain

Design and Dimensions

The Tantus Squirt is a big dildo coming in at 7” in length, 6.5” of which is insertable, and a girth 1.75 inches in diameter. Starting from the toys base the Squirt is straight for about 2 inches before budging out to form the curved almost “S” like shape you can see in the pic above. The toy has flared base making it safe for anal play as well as O-harness compatible (unfortunately, I do not currently have a harness to test it out with). I should note that Tantus also makes a dildo called the Faerie which is basically a Squirt small (see “Who is it for?” below)

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

This like all Tantus toys, with the exception of their Alumina line, is made out of 100% platinum silicone making it non-porous, hypoallergenic and free of latex and phthalates. Basic cleaning can be done via soap and water or a toy cleaner. If you want to sterilize the toy, which is necessary if you plane to share your toy, silicone is boilable, bleachable (10% bleach solution) and dishwasher safe (place the toy on the top rack without any detergent). It is not recommend that a silicone lube be used with a silicone toy as the two can have a bonding reaction that could ruin the toy. Either stick to water base lubes or at least do test path of any silicone lube you want to use on the base of the toy to test for any reactions.

Pleasure and Use

This toy’s curve makes it all about p-spot stimulation for me. Despite its length I don’t do full insertion with this toy instead I either use a rocking motion to stimulate my prostate or swallow thrusting to allow the end of the curve to repeatedly hit the P-spot. The toy also has very little give also a plus in my book, as I prefer firm P-spot stimulation. All that combined with the toy girth (if I not already I’m definitely turning in to a size king :-)) make for an excellent dildo, although now that I mentioned it girth be sure to warm and lube up appropriately when using this toy.  Lastly, although I am writing as a male the same rules more or less apply for G-spot stimulation, firmness, approximant position inside the body etc.


I ordered this toy from Tantus direct, so it came in their non-retail bags. However, most Tantus toys (and I see no reason for this one to be any different) come in clear, recyclable, plastic packaging that is tasteful and could be used to store the toy again, although I find them poor for that purpose. Silicone is an overall durable material that doesn’t have any special storage requirements, although it does tend to attract lint and hairs so you may want to storage it in a bag or pouch for that reason.

Who Is It For?

Due to its length and girth this isn’t the toy for the inexperienced, and certainly not the anally inexperienced. However, if you like girth combined with P or G spotting ability this toy should be a must have. In addition, those who consider themselves Tantus toy collectors should pick this one up while they still have the chance. Those looking or a good G or P spotter minus the girth should take a look at the Tantus Faerie which I mention above that has the same shape but a smaller girth and length, (I took a screen shot you can see below to illustrate)

Tantus Faerie and Squirt Dildos

The Tantus Faerie alongside the Tantus Squirt

Closing Thoughts

It is a shame this toy is being discontinued as it really is a fantastically effective toy. Metis black called it “connoisseur’s toy” and I’m inclined to agree. Go get it before their gone.


Seriously. Go!

product picture
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone


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