Review: Cal Erotics Smooth Glass Probe

Smooth Glass Probe by Cal Erotics

aka: Chaos and the Case of the Disappearing Ink

The inked glass probe is part of Cal Erotic’s Inked line of toys, which take traditional toy designs and spice them up by decorating them with a tattoo pattern. The line includes this toy, a double sided glass probe that appears to have the same tattoo design and some basic vibrators. The toy in terms of function is decent and the “Inked” design is appealing however, it has one major flaw…the ink can disappear. Read ahead for the details

The Cal Erotics Smooth Glass Probe

The Cal Erotics Smooth Glass Probe

Materials: Cleaning Safety and Concerns

In terms of hygiene, glass is one of the best materials around as it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and free of latex or phthalates. Glass is extremely easy to clean, for basic cleaning just use hot soap and water. For more through sterilization/sanitation glass can be boiled (read below before doing so with this toy however), bleached, and even put in the dishwasher (top rack without any soap). Make sure to use a sterilizing method if you are going to be sharing your toys and remember you can always put a condom on anything and that is a good thing to remember because…

The Mystery of The Disappearing Ink

I was unsure of what the Inked designed was made out so I started I discussion on Edenlink about it and Al Bloom of Cal erotic said “the finish is a proprietary formulation” but added that it is non-toxic, non-porous and free of latex, phthalates, and PVC. I do know that the design can peel off under certain conditions. Here is the story: after starting, the thread on Edenlink someone mentioned concerns over the if the toy would hold up to boiling, so I decided to test this toy(1). After boiling it for 15 , I let it cool down… so far so good. However, after letting it cool I wanted to take one final measurement of the diameter (see the section below for more on that frustration). I lost my flexible tape measure so I decided to improvise a bit (Hey, you love it when Macgyver does it.), I took some plan transparent office tape and wrapped it around the neck of the toy cutting it to length so when I peeled it off I could measure the length and then divide by pi to get a measurement for its diameter. When I peeled the tape back, it took a few small flakes of the design with it. You can see the results below:

Flacked on the glass probe

Flaking that occurred accidentally during testing as described above

Curious I tried to replicate the result the next day. First, I tried it with just tape alone everything stayed in place this time (and just to be through I tried the test again with electrical and duck tape). This made me think that perhaps temperature was a factor. (I had let the toy cool before applying the tape the previous day so it could only have been a small bit above room temperature if that; it was certainly cool enough to be used internally). So I boiled it again and tested it, with the transparent office tape, when it was cool enough to handle but still too hot for me to try and use internally and it took off several large flacks (you can see the damage below). I tried again when the toy had cooled to the point where I could use it for temp. play, and this time the tape took off a few very small pieces. Temperature stress seems to be necessary to cause the Ink to come off. This is a concern for both those that like to boil toys and those that like to use their toys for temperature play. Admittedly neither the accidental discovery nor my subsequent tests are normal use, but it is still worrying to me. Even more worrisome however is that some in the thread I linked have said that the “Ink” can come of via scratching (presumably with ones finger nails)

More Flacking on the glass probe

Flaking that occurred during deliberate testing of the glass probe as described above

Regardless of whether the toy is “Inked “or not, any glass toys should be treated with care to avoid cracks or chip, including micro-crackes that could create a micro-abrasive surface that could harm delicate tissues. Don’t let this toy roll around bumping into other toy especially other hard toys. If you drop it on a soft surface, carefully inspect the toy to make sure it hasn’t cracked. If you drop it on a hard surface, I’d err on the side of caution and not use the toy internally again (enjoy your new phallic paper weight however) at the very least inspect it very thoroughly. Also be careful when heating or cooling the toy for temp play as rapid temperature changes could weaken the toy or cause it to shatter.

Lastly, glass is compatible with all lubes with any lubes(2).

Design and Dimensions

The design of this is straightforward. The probe measures 6 ¼” tall and is an inch in diameter. It has a very slightly curved shaft with a bulbous head that has two indentations on it and which measures an inch and 3/8 in diameter,  according to my measurements(3) . The base is flanged making the toy safe for anal play and is 1.75” in diameter.

Aesthetic Beauty

A big part of the lure of glass toys for me is their aesthetics. In regards to this toy, I like the design and I certainly do not mind adding it to my perverted glass menagerie, but I don’t love it. (Keep in mind that design is not impervious to coming off) The design is simple: clear glass, with a tattoo pattern on the front. The first thing I like to comment on is that the probe being clear means you can see through it and take a “peek” at your partners insides. I took a pic of the Edenfantasys leaf through the glass probe to illustrate.

Cal Erotics Glass Probe

Clear glass means you can look through the end and take a peak at whats on the other side.

As for the tattoo pattern, I liked it well enough although I know nothing about tattoos and this is obviously all a matter of personal preferences. The tattoo pattern consist of three elements a red heart on the left, an orange cross with red and green accents in the center and a silver anchor with red accents on the right side. I find the anchor design a bit interesting the ends of it have a spade design on them and the handle is in the shape of a heart. Although the fact that it didn’t stay on the toy…was less than ideal. Below are some pic (taken before the Flaking indecent)

Pleasure and Use

To start despite the slight curve and the pronounced head the toy could not effectively hit my prostate. This is a shame as harder materials like glass usually make for good prostate stimulation. It did work however as just a straightforward dildo, I personally enjoy the feeling of being penetrated by something with a more pronounced head, and this did the job nicely. The glass felt completely smooth while using it I could not sense nether the two indentations on the head, nor the area where the tattoo design is while trusting. A notice of caution, since glass is a hard rigid material you should remove it before switching positions as moving around with too much with a long hard object inside of you could bruise your insides.

Temperature Play

One of the benefits of glass is that it can be warmed or cooled for temperature play, however for the reason explained above I would be a little more careful then usual if you want to use this toy for temp play. However if you do decided to use it for temp play, the easiest method I have found is to use a water bath to gently heat or cool the toy (remember what I said about rapid temperature changes). Be careful not to overheat or cool the toy, test a bit of the water from bath on your wrist (as you would test the milk temperature for a baby) to make sure it not to hot or cold. Playing with temperature can add some fun to the experience. Using heat can help make penetration gentler and easier, while cooling can add an extra jolt of sensation and I personally really enjoy the felling of a cooled toy approaching body temperature as I use it during a play session.

Who is it for?

The most obvious type that will enjoy this are people who enjoy tattoo designs. However that the design came off is a concern , because of the flaking issue I wouldn’t recommend this if your highly concerned about your materials and I would be cautious if you boil your toys, or are in to temp play.Those looking for a good P (or G) spotter should also look elsewhere.


The toy comes in a plastic packaging that snaps open easily; you could theoretically put the toy back in and snap it back together for storage although it’s not designed for that. As you can see below the design is tasteful and free of any gaudiness. Keep in mind the concerns about cracking/breakage I mentioned above when deciding where and how to store this toy.

The Smooth Glass Probe in it original packaging

The Smooth Glass Probe in it original packaging

Closing Thoughts

Before the flaking incident I’d say that there is nothing spectacular about this probe but it gets the job done and is pretty to look at, a respectable three stars. However after the flaking incident, I have some more reservations about this toy for now I’ll  give it two stars. I’m only removing one star since it only peeled off under somewhat usual circumstances; I however may reduce the score even more if it turns out to be as easy to peel as others have reported. I explained how the peeling occurred and linked to the discussion on Edenlink so you can draw your own conclusions

product picture
Dildo by California Exotic
Material: Tempered glass
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
  1. I normally don’t boil my toys. I don’t share them and privacy is an issue…which was reaffirmed as I almost got caught doing my little cleaning routine []
  2. Al says  that the design is as well []
  3. This is another instances where I find myself frustrated trying to get accurate measurements of toys, many retailers have the diameter listed as 1.75. Cal erotics had it wrong but they have since corrected it. Edens also had it wrong ,a diameter of 3” Ow, but have since corrected it as well. Although the double sided version as of now still has some impossible measurements listed []

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