Review: Tantus Stroker XL

Stroker XL by Tantus

To cut to the chase, this is a fabulous masturbator that fills a major gap in the sex toy market. Made out of pure silicone this is one of the few sleeves on the market that can be fully sterilized. The XL size is just right for me and the internal ribs are highly stimulating. Read ahead for more.

The Tantus Stroker XL

The Tantus Stroker XL

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

This toy is made out of 100% pure silicone which is non-porous, hypoallergenic and free of phthalates and latex. For basic cleaning, you can just use the good old soap and water. Since this is pure silicone, you can also sanitize it by putting it in your dishwasher (tap rack without soap), washing it with a 10% bleach solution, or boiling it (for maximum effectiveness you can also put into your pressure cooker for 20 min, which is the most through sterilization your going to get with typical household equipment). That it is sterilizable means you can this is one of the few masturbators you can share between users, you can still use condoms with it if you want thou. Silicone is also a very durable material so it you don’t have to worry about this toy wearing out like you might with other materials. Silicone does have its downsides however. It’s a bit of a lint/dust/hair magnet but that a small price to pay for its benefits. Also, silicone lube can bond with silicone toys damaging them so stick to water based lubes with this toy or at least do a test patch of any silicone lube you intended to use on the outside to test for any reactions first. Lastly, silicone doesn’t have as much elasticity as other materials which may be a problem if your above average in girth.

Design and Dimensions

The toy is about 5” long and measures 2” in diameter. It is available in one color, white. There is also a small version of the stroker available.

The internal texture is a series of ribs that start about .75” from the entrance of the masturbator. As you can see by the picture of the inside out sleeve below, there is a total of nine ridges in the interior bunched into groups of three. Each cluster of three has one large rib followed by a second smaller rib and then a large rib again; with a small gap before the next bunch.

Tantus Stroker XL

The Tantus Stroker XL's internal texture

Pleasure and use

The stroker works great in practice; the ribs feel good both stroking the full length of the penis as well as just the tip. The ribs are pretty rigid so use a good amount of lube and be prepared for intense stimulation. One particularly fun use of this is to massage the corona by just slightly moving the masturbator while the corona is between two large rib massaging it with the small rib in between or running it over and over across a single large rib. Also, you can turn the sleeve inside out (useful for cleaning) I tried it this way but smooth textures have never done any thing for me. Lastly, the hygiene aspect of silicone also means you don’t have to worry about mold developing if you can’t clean it right away, i.e. you want to roll over and fall asleep.

This is a relatively tight masturbator. For me the tightness was just right, however, there is a smaller, tighter version of the stroker if you like it tighter although many have reported it being too tight. Also, keep in mind silicone doesn’t have the elasticity of other materials.

This masturbator is open ended so you’re not going to get a suction effect the way you would with a close-ended masturbator like a Fleshlight, I don’t mind the lack of but keep it in mind if you particularly enjoy the sensation. The open-ended design also has another down side, when you ejaculate there is nothing to catch the semen on the other side. Firstly, this means you have to plan appropriately for the cleanup. An easy way of handling this putting a large condom on the end of the toy (or wearing a condom yourself). (In addition, if you want the sleeve to be a bit tighter you can also use a small condom as that will keep the sleeve squeezed tightly.) Secondly, some fantasies i.e cream pie, leaking cum facial etc are easier to live out using a masturbator that can catch fluids discharges. Lastly, you will pop out the other end if you are going for full length stimulation and are longer then 5 inches, this may be a con for some but I don’t mind.

Who is it for?

I would recommend this to any one looking for a good male masturbator; although the rigidity of the ribs may make this a little much for the very sensitive or inexperienced. I would considering it a must have for anyone who wants the most hygienic materials available or is tired of having to care for more delicate materials like superskin. If you  want a masturbator you can share there really aren’t any options available and this should have been in your shopping chart from the moment I said “pure silicone”.


This toy came in simple plastic packaging that was stapled shut making it a bit hard to open.

Tantus Stroker XL

The Tantus Stroker XL in its original packaging

Closing Thoughts

Pure silicone masturbation sleeves are very rare (the only other one I can find on Edens is the small version of the Stroker) and Tantus has finally filled the void with a very pleasure product. The safety and hygiene befits of this toy give this a serious edge over other masturbation products and make this the toy I reach for when I don’t feel like going through the hassle of cleaning a Fleshlight.

Disclosure Statement: This toy was purchased by the reviewer. The review however does contain affiliate links for Edenfantasys and was done as part of their review program.

product picture
Penis sleeve by Tantus
Material: Silicone

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One Response to Review: Tantus Stroker XL

  1. Martha BNo Gravatar says:

    I was looking fun for something for my husband for his 30th and happened across Stroker. I’m a believer in the power and benefits of the orgasm for health and happiness. I grew up on vibrators and toys and have many but he has never been into that. In the end this helped him become an avid masturbator again.

    He wasn’t masturbating as often as he used to and I could easily tell he had the need to ejaculate more than he does. I’ve always been pretty good at detecting those things in guys.

    I suggested he should attend to his body and nurture orgasm by masturbating more. He occasionally masturbated when intercourse is inconvenient and the urge is strong. I have always been worried about his sexual and prostate health as much as his pleasure. I thought that this product would make it more pleasurable and convenient so he would want to masturbate more.

    We tried it several times together and I encouraged him until he became comfortable using it. We were both truly surprised how quickly he took to it, how hard it made his erection, and how much he ejaculated from it. Better than intercourse.

    Because of intense pleasure and ejaculations, he uses it all the time now and he feels like a new man. I know because I have felt him. Like me and most women now days, he carries it with him for when the need arises while he is out and about. Convenience counts when the urge arises.

    We still enjoy regular intercourse together the normal but, in between, he enjoys his Stroker morning, noon and night. Sometimes even in the car when he’s on long trips. I’m sure there are a lot of men ejaculating a lot more thanks to quality devices like the this.

    I’m so happy for him so thank you for helping my husband.
    Martha B´s last [type] ..Sunday Night Contest Round-Up (Oct 13)

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