Review: Tenga Egg (Silky)

Tenga egg (Silky)

The Silky Tenga egg, is the third Tenga egg I’ve tried (the others being the Clicker and the Spider, all courtesy of GoodVibrations) Like all Tenga eggs this is a disposable masturbation sleeve designed for single use (although you can get multiple uses out of it with proper care). This one has an internal texture that resembles a bundle of silk. How does it compare to the others? Read ahead to find out.

The Silky Tenga Egg

The Silky Tenga Egg

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

This like all Tenga eggs is made out of soft, white, phthalates free Elastomer. Elastomer is waterproof and is compatible with all lubes. You should not share this toy, although I don’t know why you would want to share a onetime use product. Although designed for one time use you can get multiple uses out of it if you clean it out with soap and warm water after use, although don’t expect get more then 5-8 use out of it before its too worn out.

Design, Dimensions, and Packaging

The Tenga eggs come in little white plastic eggs. Each has a label with the name of the product and a design of the inner texture of the egg. The egg is 2.5” high by 1.5” wide at its widest point. As soon as you remove the label it is identically to a holiday egg, you may have rolling around after Easter. Once you open the egg, you will find the masturbation sleeve inside along with a small one-time use packet of lube. Being an imported product, the lube ingredients are in Japanese so I cannot read what the ingredients are.

Tenga Egg Lube

Inside the egg you'll find the sleeve and a packet of lube tucked in it.

The inner texture is like that of a bundle of spun thread, as you can see by the pic of it turned inside out and placed on a Silk (how appropriate!) dildo below.

The Silky Internal Texture

The Silky Internal Texture

Pleasure and Use

To start even before opening the egg I was simple tickled by the creativity of the thread-spun design so this little toy gets some serious brownie points for creativity and originality. Moving on to its actual performance, the Tenga eggs are like a cross between a condom and masturbation sleeve, the feeling is like masturbating in a latex glove with a lot of cool texture inside.The Silky’s internal texture feels like a series of mild ribs, which feels similar to the Spider Tenga egg. The difference is that the threads of the Silky are more spaced out then the webbing of the Spider Tenga egg and the diagonal thread adds a bit more variety along its length. Overall, the Silky is my favorite of the three Tenga egg textures I have tried. However, the best aspect of these eggs is there convenience and discreetness. A white egg is not going to scream sex toy to even the most perverted and when you are done just toss out the sleeve.

There is a downside to this product however, the included lube is sticky, and dries out quickly. I’d recommend buying a travel size bottle of lube to go with this toy.

Who is it for?

Since it is a disposable product, I would not recommend this if you are looking for a bedroom product. However, if you need a discreet portable product, say you’re often on the road or frequently rub one out at work, this is a great product for mixing up your routine.

Disclosure Statement: This toy was provided free of charge to the review by GoodVibrations Sex Toys in exchange for an honest review


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