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G-Swirl Vibe by Fun Factory for Good Vibrations

The G-Swirl is a Good Vibrations exclusive (made for them by Fun Factory) that is worth your money. It has good vibration strength, is easy to use, is curved to reach those lovely P and G spots, and has a flare at the bottom that makes it safe for anal use. It does have a major flaw its battery compartment, which is difficult to open. Read ahead for all the details.

The G-Swirl Vibrator

The G-Swirl Vibrator

Design, Dimensions, and Operation

The G-swirl has a total length of 6.5” of which about 4.0” is insertable and is 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest insertable point. The toy starts with a curved point leading to a series of ridges down the shaft. At the bottom of the insertable portion is a flared base about 2.5” inches wide, this flare has a ribbed pattern given it a pleasing visual appearance. Below this flare is the plastic battery compartment/control portion of the vibe. Here is where I find the toy’s biggest flaw the battery compartment is hard to open, to open it you are supposed to press down on the two sides of the toy to pop the base open, this harder to do then it sounds. There are two finger guides; however, they are a bit misleading as to open it you have to press down in just the right spot (picture below).

G-Swirl Battery Compartment

G-Swirl Battery Compartment (the box indicates the area that must be pushed to open it)

Once I found out this sweet spot it was much easier to open, it was still however a little tricky. Keep this in mind if you have any type of trouble in your hands or finger because opening the case might give you a lot of trouble. Once you open it, the toy takes two AA batteries (included). At the bottom of the toy is a dial that controls the vibration intensity. Instead of being flat with the wheel on the bottom like most toys, this toy has the dial wheel placed on a 45-degree angle making it easier to use. To operate just turn the scroll wheel in either direction and the vibe will turn on and increase in intensity, until it clicks when it reaches its highest setting continue after that and  you can feel it start to drop off and then turn off. The toy is splash resistant so you can clean it without worrying about water getting in to the battery compartment, but make sure not to submerge it.

Lastly, the toy is available in multiple colors: Black, Raspberry, Dark Blue (pictured), Purple, Baby blue, or Candy Pink

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

The base of the toy is plastic with the insertable portion of the toy being pure silicone. Pure silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and free of latex or phthalates. To clean the toy use soap and water or a toy cleaner (although the toy is splash resistant still be careful not to get any water in the battery compartment). For a more thorough cleaning, you could also carefully wipe it with a ten percent bleach solution. Since you can’t subject this toy (due to its motor) to boiling for more through sterilization use a condom if sharing, (or if going from anal to vaginal use). Silicone lubes can have a bonding reaction with silicone toys so either only use water based lubes with this toy or do a test patch of silicone lubes on the bottom of the insertable end of the toy. If you really want to use silicone lubes you can also put a condom on it and use silicone lube on the condom.

Pleasure and Use

Inserting the toy is easy as it starts smaller than its full diameter and increases in girth with each ridge until it reaches its widest diameter. The ridges are noticeable and pleasurable as you insert it. Once inserted the toy is short but since it is designed for P/G-spot stimulation it should suffice for most users and it was able to effectively hit the P-spot for me; however do keep in mind what length typically works for works for you when selecting this toy. Secondly, the toy has a good amount of give so if you need really firm prostate or G-spot stimulation this toy is going to fall short although not the same as super firm prostate stimulation this did work well for me.

The vibration strength was fairly strong nothing mind blowing but defiantly strong enough to get the job done for me. I like the design of the dial wheel the placement makes it much easier to use then most dials and I can use it one handed as long as my hands are not too slippery with lube. Although it “locks” when on its highest setting, it may take some practice to stop turning the dial when it hits high as to not accidently turn off the toy.

A final note if you prefer patterns or want a toy that is completely waterproof toy you should check out the: G-twist Smartvibes or the G-Swirl Smartvibes which are water proof and have patterns to chose from, the G-twist Smartvibes is also longer if you want something with length.


The toy comes in an extremely cool packaging. The box is baby blue with orange lettering. On the front is a clear window letting you get a clear view of the toy. On the back is a magnetic flap, open it up and you will be treated to some bullet points about the toy on one flap and a bulleted list on the benefits of silicone on the other, open that flap and you will find another plastic window allowing you to see the other side of the toy if you wish. The packaging is tasteful and highly informative about the toy inside although being see through is obviously not very discreet. It is not designed for storage but since you don’t have to destroy it to open it, there is no reason you couldn’t put the toy back in the packaging if you wished. The toy comes complete with two AA batteries and a packet of lube so you’re good to go, right out of the box.

The G-Swirl's Packaging

The G-Swirl's Packaging

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this is a good vibe that is worth your money, there are a few cons to keep in mind but no major deal breakers. I especially like this is one of the few vibes that go the extra mile of adding a flare at the bottom of the insertable portion making it completely safe for anal.

Disclosure Statement: This toy was provided free of charge by Good Vibrations Sex Toys in exchange for an honest Review


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