Review: Euphoria Enhanced

Euphoria Enhanced by BMS Enterprises

The Euphoria Enhanced is the first Aneros style prostate massager I’ve owned (by which I mean a prostate massager with an insertable position and an external tab designed to stimulate the perineum aka the taint. ) and it made me fall in love with prostate stimulation(1). It has a very simple but highly effective design; the internal portion hit my prostate effectively and the perineum tab is positioned in just the right spot for external stimulation and at a price cheaper then most other prostate stimulators, this toy is a winner. Read ahead for all the details.

Euphoria Enhanced

The Euphoria Enhanced

Materials: Cleaning and Safety Concerns

The toy is made entirely of black plastic. To clean the toy just wipe it with soap and water, if you want a more through cleaning use isopropyl alcohol. Plastic, while not a porous material and free of phthalates, cannot be fully sterilized so use a barrier (condoms) if sharing. Plastic is compatible with all lubes, so you can use whichever type you prefer.

Design and Dimensions

The toy has a total length of 5 ¾” inches and a maximum diameter of approximately 1 1/8”. The tip of the toy starts with a rounded tip which slowly bulging out to its maximum diameter before narrowing down again to a neck diameter of approximately half an inch. The handle at the ends of the toy stick out about an inch from the body of the toy. Lastly, the perineum tab sticks out about 1 2/3″ from the body of the toy. The toy has a seam runing across its entire length. I couldn’t notice it on the insertable portion but did notice it a bit on the external tab.

Pleasure and Use

For those of you new to prostate massage I should start by explaining that you don’t thrust with the toy like you would a dido instead you insert the toy and use rocking motions to massage the prostate (via the internal portion) and the perineum (via the external tab). Although you (or your partner) could rock the toy manual by moving it with the little handle, the main selling point of these toys is that they are designed for hands-free use; you move the toy ether by contracting your pubococcygeus muscles or by gentility rocking your pelvis. Be aware this is not the type of toy for a quickie as it takes some time and practice in order to get this hands-free technique of prostate stimulation right; the reward is that the orgasms this method produces can be extremely powerful.

So how does the Euphoria perform? I’m pleased to report that the Euphoria delivered on all accounts. First and foremost, in terms of hitting the prostate the toy delivers very effective contact, I just inserted it and it homed right in with no effort. The perineum tab is just right for me. I added the length of the tab in my dimensions above, because the perineum tab on my other prostate massager, the Nexus Glide, fell just a bit short. Not so here, this was long enough to hit just the right spot on the perineum for me. The perineum tab isn’t prefect however, compared to the Nexus series roller ball design this plastic tab can be a little pokey and become a bit irritating during a long session and as a mentioned above the seam on the toy can be noticeable here too. I recommend using a bit of lube of the perineum tab to minimize irritation.

Once inside I could easily find my rhyme and reach orgasm by either the “rock your pelvis” or “contract you’re PC muscles” method. Also the toy stayed in during orgasm a problem I’ve had with previous prostate massagers. Even if you cannot orgasm from prostate stimulation alone you can use still use this it during intercourse, regular masturbation or other play as the pressure on and massaging of the prostate will still enhance orgasm.


This came in a simple clear plastic packaging.

The Euphoria Enhanced Packaging

The Euphoria Enhanced Packaging

Price and Value

It is worth noting that at 32 dollars this toy is significantly cheaper than comparable toys by other manufactures.

Who is it for?

Overall, this is an excellent toy for anyone looking for a prostate massager. The combination of simple but effective deign, moderate size and affordability make this a great beginner’s toy.

The toy is very simple in design for those who want bit more bells and whistles I recommend looking at some of the toys in the nexus line as well as Rocks Off line of vibrating prostate massagers which are also good choices if you want something with more of a focus on perineum stimulation. If you want a toy that could double as a butt plug I recommend looking at the Lelo Bob.

Closing Thoughts

The Euphoria is a simple but effective and affordable prostate massager. It has a few flaws such as the seam and there are toys with better perineum tabs which keep the toy from perfection. It still however a great toy, four stars.

Disclosure Statement: This toy was purchased with the reviewers own money and was posted to Edenfantasys as part of their offsite review program.

product picture
Prostate massager by BMS Enterprises
Material: Plastic
  1. I should note that have yet to try an actual Aneros product []

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