Review: Rude Boy

My latest review is an on site for Edenfantasys, a review of the Rude boy massager.

Short version: It well made but falls out a fatal flaws in my view. How rude of you Rude Boy.

Here are some pic to tease you before clicking over to Eden/supplement what you read if you got here by clicking over from Eden.

Rude Boy Prostate massager by Rocks-Off Ltd.

Rude Boy by Rocks-Off Ltd.

The Rude boy comes with a Rocks off bullet.

The Rude Boy comes with a Rocks off bullet.

The perineum arm of the Rocks-Off Rude Boy

The perineum arm has a series of seven nubs on it.

The Rude Boy's insert-able portion

Demonstrating the flexibility of the Rude Boy's insert-able portion

The Rude Boy's Packaging

The Rude Boy's Packaging Note: How the bullet comes inside the toy. Ya that's going to a royal #@!$ to remove.



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