Review: Nobessence Linger (aka Ergonomic one finger)

Linger (aka Ergonomic one finger) by Nobessence

This toy is a wood probe that can be used anally or vaginally, being male bodied I will only be reviewing its anal capabilities (my requests to God for an interchangeable genital system keep being denied). Nobessence refers to their toys as sculptures and after using this (my first Nobessence toy), I agree. It is beautiful to look at and works fabulously, although it only works exactly as intended if I am masturbating on my back

The Nobessence Linger (aka Ergonomic one finger)



This toy is made out of wood coated with NobEssence’s “Lubrosity” coating. This coating means the toy is safely sealed and will not splinter. You can cross that worry out of your head now. It also makes the toy water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and compatible with all lubes. The coating is also free of phthalates and latex. To clean the toy use some hot soap and water, isopropyl alcohol, or a gentile wipe with a ten percent bleach solution.

When storing the toy you don’t want it banging up against anything hard that could ruin the finish. If you want to check the integrity of the finish, NobEssance recommends the following procedure: First submerge the toy in water for a few seconds. Check for any darken spots. Then wipe this area, if the dark spot remains damp while the surrounding area is dry the toy should be retired or replaced.

For those concerned about substantiality issues. Nobessence gets their wood from suppliers practicing good substantiality practices. Most of their wood according to their official site comes from Tropical American Tree Farms.


Design and Dimensions

The toy has a total length of 7” of which 4 ¾” is insertable. The design consists of five progressively larger knobs and then the finger-hole handle. The first blub has a diameter of approximately 1.10 inches, the second 1.2 inches, the third 1.3 inches, the fourth 1.35 inches and the last one 1.4 inches. Note the shape of these knobs is more oval then a pure circle, these measurements are along the long axis, the diameters along the short axis are approximately: 1st knob: 95”, 2nd: 1.05”, 3rd: 1.15”, 4th: 1.25”, 5th 1.3”. The toy ends with a finger hole handle with an opening about an inch wide.

Note that as these are handmade minor variations are to be expected. However, Nobessence says they try to keep them 1/8th of an inch of their intended measurements on smaller toys and ¼ of an inch on larger toys.


Pleasure and Use

Ok now for the fun part, how does it work? Frist off why on Earth would you want to give rather literal meaning to the term “three hugger” by picking a wood sex toy over say a metal or glass one? The answer is that wood has its own unique qualities, which Nobessence toys use to their fullest; mainly it is firm but extremely light. This great if you want something easy to manipulate yet still capable of providing good g-spot or prostate pressure. Thanks to the coating the toy is smooth, however if you run your hand closely over the surface you can get a mild feel for the grain of the wood, you definitely know your using a true wood product when using it (compared to the more unnatural feeling smoothness of a urethane wood hybrid Treeze line). Wood also makes for an extremely beautiful sex toy (more on that below).

On to the specifics of this particular sculpture, the gradual knobs are beautiful for anal providing a satisfying pop as they moving in and out and the slight curve allows it to provide spotting pressure during use. Since the largest knob is only 1.25” you don’t need to be heavily experienced to enjoy this toy.

Now to the ergonomic finger hole handle. Firstly, I was able to use the finger holes fine but I can see how very large fingers might have a problem getting in the hole so keep the measurements in mind. Secondly using it with this finger hole does work well, but only if I am on my back. If I am on my side for example, I find it difficult to get the right angle for penetration while using the finger hole and I end up grabbing it more like a tradition wand. On that note I should add that for me I usually need to use a liberator shape, either my Jaz or my Heart Wedge,  to get good access to my own butt while on my back too.  Also this shape makes it better designed for use on yourself then with a partner although you could still easily use it on someone else. Although the ergonomic design only really works in one position it works very well in that position, exploiting the benefits of wood nicely. Since there is only one finger in the hole I could see wrist or finger strain setting in if this design where attempted with a heavier material however the lightness combined with the design makes it very easy to thrust with minimal effort. Although I find it best on my back since I get to use the design as intended it still works well in other positions where I hold it differently.

Demonstrating the Linger's finger hole.

Functional and beautiful.

I want to spend a moment looking at just how gorgeous the toy is. Mine came in a very dark wood called Black Palm. The natural look of the wood is a joy to behold and as these are real wood, it means no two are going to be identical. Each truly is a handcrafted sculpture…that you can also shove into orifices. Note that if you’re ordering from Edenfantasys that the wood color will likely vary as Nobessence make these in a variety of different woods. Below you can see the Linger next to my other Nobessence toy the Romp (the wood shade on that one is called Podulk).

Linger vs. Romp



The toy comes in an elegant teal and brown, rectangular box (10.5” x 3.25” 3.25”), with a white cardboard sleeve on top for shipping. It has a small engraving of the NobEssence symbol (basically a squished “n” like Romp) on one corner on the topside of the box. It will have a removable sticker with a description of the toy on one side. This sticker mentions personal lubricants so you might want to remove it for maximum discreetness. Slide it open and your toy will be nestled inside the white lightly padded interior held in place by two strings. It is very classy, gifting friendly and great for storage.


Closing Thoughts

Despite that it is only truly ergonomic in one position for me, the Linger works very well and the people at Nobessence are true craftsmen making beautiful yet still functional wood toys/art pieces.

product picture
Probe by Nob essence
Material: Wood

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