Review: Tantus Super Soft C-ring

Super Soft C-ring by Tantus

The Tantus Super Soft c-ring is a cock ring made out of soft and stretchy silicone. This extra stretchy silicone makes it safe, comfortable, and easy to put on. It can be used in front of the balls, behind the balls or stretching the balls in order to enhance erection, pleasure, and orgasm. Read ahead for all the details.


The Super Soft C-ring by Tantus


Materials, Cleaning and Safety Concerns

This ring is made out of 100% pure silicone. Silicone is a fantastic material as it is nonporous, inert, hypoallergenic, odorless, tasteless, free of phthalates or latex, and easy to clean. Basic cleaning can be done with good old-fashioned hot soap and water or a toy cleaning solution. For a more through sanitization, clean it with a ten percent bleach solution, boil it for 5 minutes, or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher without any soap. For the most through cleaning put it in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. The one notable downside to silicone is that it can have a bonding reaction with silicone lubes, so stick to water based lubes with this ring.

Design & Dimensions

The ring is 1.75 inches in unstretched diameter, with the ring itself being about 2/10th of an inch thick leaving an unstretched internal diameter of about 1.45”. The ring is just under half of an inch wide. The ring’s max stretched diameter is 4.75 inches according to Tantus’ official site. The ring is super stretchy and is smooth other than a seam down the center. It is available in red, black, or purple.

Demonstrating the flexibility of the ring.


This is part of Tantus’ line of c-rings, which in addition to this toy include: the Beginner cock ring, the intermediate cock ring, the advanced c-ring and two “slings” designed to add perineum stimulation: the c-sling and beginner c-sling.

Pleasure and Use

There are three ways you can use this ring: in front of the balls, behind the balls, or on the scrotum as you would a ball stretcher. Now in case you have never used a c-ring before let me go over the basics. When using it in front of the balls or behind the balls the idea is the same, by constricting blood flow you create a harder, firmer erection that can also enhance pleasure and orgasm. Now if you use it on the balls as a stretcher the purpose is a little bit different. When approaching orgasm and ejaculation the testes are pulled upward towards the body. By keeping them distended, you can enhance the intensity and lengthen the duration of orgasm and ejaculation. I’ll go over how well it works in each position using my Vixskin Goodfella.

The Tantus super soft c-ring in front of the balls.


First in front of the balls, the ring work well here, it is a little looser then I would like but it is still effective. The ring is comfortable here and in the other positions in part because the band has a decent width. Many rings have a narrow width leading it to feel like a rubber band, which is both uncomfortably and increases the chance you could damage blood vessels.

The Tantus super soft c-ring in back of the balls.


Moving on to behind the balls, here it provides nice constriction as well pushing the balls forward a little bit. If you are wondering how to put it on the recommended approach for this, and most cock rings, is as follows: First put a bit of lube on the ring to make it easier to slide on. Start with the testes, putting one testicle in then sliding the other one through, and then finally slide your penis through. For obvious reasons this will be easier with a flaccid penis. The stretchy nature of this ring is great for this as it makes it much easier to put it on, I can even put it on easily even without using the recommend approach.

The Tantus super soft c-ring used as a ball stretcher.


Now for using it on the balls themselves, because the ring isn’t very wide you’re not going to get much stretch from this, if you want an intense feeling of stretching you should get a more dedicated ball stretcher like this one for example, but it does provide enough distension to noticeably enhance orgasm and ejaculation. Again, that the stretchy silicone makes it easier to put on then most cock rings is a major plus here. This is not the ring I would use if I want a hardcore stretch but because of the stretchiness, it is the easiest to put on and thus my first choice if I just want something quick and easy to use.

Overall their aren’t many cons to this toy. The first is the seam I already mentioned above, although it didn’t bother me during use. Secondly, silicone tends to easily attract hair so it is more likely to snag on pubic hairs, although the finish on this silicone is much less of dust magnet then others. This is also a simple ring so it may be too simple for more advanced users but by that same note, it would be great for a beginner looking for a first c-ring.

Safety Notes

Since we are constricting blood flow, here are some cock ring safety pointers you should be aware of. First, do not wear one for more than 20 minutes at a time. If you have never used a cock ring before slowly build up to that time so you can see how your body responds. On that same note in your post orgasmic bless don’t forget to take it off or worse fall asleep with it on. This ring is safer then cock rings made out of metal or wood because the stretchy silicone makes it easy to put on and off and its stretch makes it unlike to completely cut off blood flow. Lastly, if something goes horribly wrong and you’re stuck in the worst-case scenario of a ring that will not come off silicone is easy to cut allowing you to remove the ring with a pair of scissors.

Packaging and Storage

The ring comes in a round easy to open clamshell packaging about 4.5” in diameter. It is simple and tasteful. It not designed for storage but as you can snap the clamshell back together, you could try using it for storage if you really wanted. Silicone does not have any special storage requirement however many like to keep the toys in individual bags or pouches to be on the safe side, it is also a good idea just because silicone tends to easily attract dust and lint.

The Tantus super soft c-ring's packaging

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this is a great multiuse ring made out of great stretchy silicone and at under 10 bucks it is a great value. 5/5 stars.

product picture
Cock ring by Tantus
Material: Silicone

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