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So today, I posted my review of the Lux LX-3, an absolutely wonderful vibrating prostate massager. One of the things that I loved about it is that it is the first vibrating butt plug I can wholeheartedly endorse. You can read all about why that is the case in the review, but there is one thing I want to focus on here. In the past, I have written about how I can use certain butt plugs, like my Treeze large or my Romp, to reach orgasm in public by wiggling them. I think you are seeing were I’m headed with this; the Lux LX-3 is officially not only the first vibrating butt plug I can fully endorse, it is the first vibrating plug I can use in public to get a bit of vibrating naughtiness, including vibrating orgasmic naughtiness. Usually, I do these little runs when I’m at my university, in this case I took the show (that no one knows I’m putting on) to Burger King.

The Lux Lx-3


Let us start the story by looking at the preparation for going out with this in me. Unlike a non-vibrating butt plug there are three additional considerations in play for using this in public: 1) Additional visibility 2) Sound & 3) Operating the toy in public.

First, I was slightly worried this toy would be visibly under clothing due to the indicator light on it. However, after looking at the toy closely I determined the risk is very small. The light is very faint and unlikely to be seen under the clothes. To illustrate: the pictures below show the light by itself and how it looks with the fabric of my boxers pulled over it tightly (only slightly viable if you’re looking for it up-close and really hard to see in the picture). Therefore, this leaves me confident it is not going to be visible under street clothes especially if you wear underwear. I don’t own anything particularly sheer to test it with but, considering how faint the light is anything sheer enough to give away the light is probably sear enough to give away that there is a hunk of silicone in your butt, light or no light. With that out of the way on to the most obvious concern…

The Light on the LUX LX-3 is faint enough it won't be noticeable under clothes.


Sound, the toy is very quiet especially at the lower settings and your clothes will further muffle the sound in public. Still use some common sense, I wouldn’t use this if you visiting the Hall of Silence at your local monastery, especially if you’re going to be standing next to someone in the aforementioned Hall of Silence. However, any place that has any short of ambient noise will work fine. My only concern is when sitting the handle potentially transmitting the vibrations to the seat amplifying the sound. Overall it not likely anyone going to hear this and hey a tiny bit of risk can make things hotter.

Lastly, operating the toy you will need a bit of practice to get at the controls with you clothes on but it is not hard and it will inevitability look like your scratching your ass, but no one is going to think you’re doing anything erotic here, quite likely the opposite really. The one button operation makes it easy to operate although you do have to hold it for 5 seconds to reach its max setting. Therefore, you will have to “scratch” your ass for at least the long in order to get up to max speed.

With that out of the way, it did work very well for in public play. For this particular experiment, I decided to go to Burger King. There was a coupon for some of their new sweet potato fries in the mail that day so I figured I could use testing the butt plug as an excuse to indulge myself. Mind you, I managed to make myself sad when I realized that I’m so broke that junky fast food has changed from “crap I eat when in a hurry” to “an indulgence” but I pressed on. I watched some porn to get in the mode, lubed up, put the plug in and got dressed boxers and jean covering the plug up. I decided to walk; the shopping plaza with the nearest Burger King is in easy walking distance. For the first portion of the walk, I decided to just see how it feels as a butt plug with the vibrations off and it was nice ,not as good as my Romp, but the prostate angled head let itself be known nicely as I walked.

Once I got a good feel for how it works, I turned it on. I stumbled a little to find the button under my clothes but turned it on easily enough. I started with it on the lowest setting and well it certainly makes taking a walk more interesting!  Although it also makes me a bit jumpy as I found out when a dog braking almost made me jump into the air. The vibrations although subtitle where enough I figured to bring me to orgasm with enough time so I just keep walking and eventually a physically mild and unimpressive, but psychologically incredibly naughty and exciting (non-ejaculatory) orgasm hit me as I finished crossing a street.

Now it was time to turn up the vibe, I reached back and turned the vibe on to its max. I was keeping track of the sound levels and even on the highest setting, I couldn’t hear the vibe above all the basic noise of the day wind, birds, cars, passing etc. I keep the vibe on and keep waking and had two more orgasm before reaching the plaza strangely all after cross a street. I don’t know if that was coincidence; that the time it takes for me to travel a block is the same as my time to orgasm; or if there is something in my “look both ways then cross routine” that is somehow conducive to orgasm but yah.

I turned off the vibe once I reached my destination mainly because I assumed the seats in Burger King would be hard and didn’t want to risk them amplifying the vibe’s nose. It been literally years since I’ve been to a Burger King. I don’t eat much fast food in general and when I do it’s usually when I need some to eat when I’m having a long day at university and even then despite my campus having a Burger King I never pick it out of my available options. Heck if it wasn’t for the sweat potato fries coupon I would probably be doing this little test at a Subway. I guess if the rest of their customer base has the same taste as me they made a good call (same taste in liking sweat potatoes not butt plugs obviously).

Anyway, I walked in and my assumptions about the firmness of the seating arrangements was confirmed although overall they do seem to be trying to fancy up the place a bit compared to when I was there years ago. I got in line and noticed that there was one of those new touchscreen soda machines; that an elderly couple in front of me was rather comically perplexed by. I got my food and remember how I said I typically only eat fast food at school? Well the association is strong, as I found myself trying to grab the strap of the laptop bag I obviously didn’t have with me. I stood there for a moment rather amazed that a. the association could be that strong b. That the association could be that strong despite there being a hunk of silicone in my ass. Once I got over that I sat and eat my meal. As I was eating I figured I was being overall cautious in turning the vibe off before coming in; between the various background noses music, people chatting I don’t think anyone would be able to hear the thing. However, I was already sitting down and had no urge to put it to the test at that point. However, I did want to test how it would work just wiggling the plug  so I sat there and wiggled the plug inside me a bit it worked fine although I was kind of focused on not looking like I was enjoying myself. Rather unnecessary in retrospect as anyone looking at me would just think I’m really enjoying my meal not that their something on the opposite end of my digestive track that is causing my enjoyment. After my meal/public orgasm play exercise was over, I waked home the toy still in me. Nothing interesting to report on the return trip but unless Burger king really improves the quality of their food I’m pretty sure this will be the most interesting Burger King trip of my life (or at least until I get another toy I need to test).

Vibrating Butt Plugs Best Side-dish Ever.


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