My Threesome Fantasy

It has been a well guarded secret that I am fascinated with the idea of group sex, especially a threesome. However, I would prefer the threesome to consist of two males and one female and this is because I feel that it would be more for the male’s benefit for a threesome to have two females and one male. Besides, it is my fantasy and in my fantasy I long to be groping a cock in my mouth while I am being double penetrated.

For me, I think it all has to do with the slut. The female who is getting double penetrated while sucking someone else’s cock is of course. I long to be in the role of a slut being double penetrated. I get so turned on by thinking about my ass being fucked by a man while I am pegging a woman. Then, switching the role up and getting pegged by the other woman while watching in a mirror as she is rammed hard in the ass by our male participant.

I can only imagine how long we could go for before one of us couldn’t take it no more and has to hop on and take control of him. Then again, maybe we would both take control of him together! One of us riding him, the other on his face. Oh my!

Closing Thought

This has been a fantasy of mine for some time now, but I have never really had the nerve to try and make it happen. The thought alone is enough to get me all excited. One day, maybe it will happen, but will the other woman be a friend of mine? Will I find a random girl to sleep with me and a boyfriend perhaps? Who knows, but I hope one day it happens.