Anal Play: Revelations

I never was one to care for my butt to be played with, nor would I tolerate it. It just didn’t do anything for me sexually or in any other manner. Of course that was before I met him, my new friend Pistol. I am about to tell all about my anal stretching experience and leave you with several handy tips on the way to go about making your own anal stretching easy, fun, and exciting. This will benefit in getting the proper kinds of lube and the size of toys to begin with. Believe me; it will all go a lot smoother when you know this stuff.

Anal Plug
Anal Plug

Here are some suggestions on anal stretching   

You have finally come to the conclusion to stretch your ass but want it to happen in a safe and hopefully comfortable manner. I learned everything the hard way and want to help others by saving them from having to go through what I did. Alright then, the following are some of the best toys around for anal stretching:

  • Plugs for anal newbie’s:
    The ‘Doc Johnson Mood Naughty’ is the right plug!    
  • Plugs that those with some experience can wear for the long haul: The best would be the squishy one made from silicone and are super soft; they are the SquarePeg Toys ‘Egg Plugs with six different sizes.
  • Butt plugs for anal sex training:
    The SquarePeg Toys ‘Blunt Plugs’.
  • Small dildos to use in anal training:
    Light texture, tapered, and smooth, this is the ‘Blush Avant P3’.
  • Which dildos to use to practice anal sex:
    The three best are the ‘Vixen Creations VixSkin’, dual-density silicone’, and ‘Blush Real Nude Ergo Mini’.
  • Which dildos are best for prostrate orgasms:
    The best is the Njoy Pure Wand.

Tantus Silk Medium Review

I am going to start out by saying how much I am enjoying the fact that I can get the base of my Silk dampened and it will suction to a flat area. Usually I will suction it to a really heavy book that I have and place it on my coffee table in front of the television so that I can hump and ride that thing while watching a little porn.

Tantus Silk Medium
Tantus Silk Medium


At first glance the Tantus Silk is a long shaft with a base, which is basically what it is. But, it feels like so much more when used. It’s available in three color options, including pink, purple and black (which the one I have is black).

There is a curve in the shaft so it’s perfect for hitting the g-spot (or prostate for the guys), and the Silk Medium comes in three various sizes.


You will find that the Silk fits nicely, but if you’re not used to toys you may want to start with one of the smaller options. They come in:

  • Small – 4.5-inches in length, and 1.1” in diameter.
  • Medium – 5.25-inches in length, and 1.1” in diameter
  • Large – 6.9-incheas in length, and 1.5” in diameter (this feels massive).


As all Tantus toys come, this one is also 100% medical grade silicone, meaning it is body safe and allergenic.

Care and Cleaning

Since my Silk Medium is made from 100% pure silicone, I can safely sterilize it by using a solution consisting of 1:10 water & bleach or lay it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

In conclusion

If you want something discreet and simple, then the Tantus Silk is a great option. It’s easy to care for, and the only thing you need to know is to use water-based lube.