My Thoughts on Gangbanging

Unless you grew up under a rock, everyone understands what a gangbang is, basically a dog pile of naked people having a blast. This is my brief thoughts on what I consider a gangbang to be, and why it’s different than an orgy.


First, there are various combinations for gangbangs, with a single female, or a single male being on the receiving end and the rest giving. For the sake of simplicity, let’s use a female for receiving. Now, there are the numbers. In my opinion, a gangbang consists of a center person and at least 4 or more givers.

Of course, the ideal number of men would be 6 or more, which is 2 busy, all holes stuffed and at least 1 person waiting in line.

Closing Thought

Second, is the gender ratio. While orgies tend to have nearly equal gender balance, a gangbang is a single gender as the receiver and opposite gender as the giver. I suppose for a larger group, there could be multiple receivers, but the ratio should always be at least 4 givers to 1 receiver, preferably more. If you can form a long line of waiters (10, 20, etc.) that’s an epic gangbang!