Hitachi Magic Wand Review

During the time period of the Original Magic Wand it was considered too be the most powerful vibrators of all time, I never imagined there could ever be anything better than the Original Magic Wand, but boy was I wrong! I had to correct myself after the introduction of the updated version, which has the feature of being rechargeable. Furthermore, it comes with its own plug adapter that can be removed during use. This is great; just think no more getting confused with the wiring during playtime.

Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand


The Magic Wand is a sex toy that was intended to be used as a personal massager to vibrate the clitoris in order to aide in having orgasms. This version is different in that its head has been made from silicone, making it safe for the body. It is also different in that it is rechargeable, and the cord can be removed during the time of use. They included silicone buttons for controlling the speed and patterns, and in general, the power. This toy was not designed to be inserted inside of the cavities of the body.


This new version of the Magic Wand is humongous in size. The rod (shaft) section is 12 inches in length and there is an additional 2 inches from the head. It is 2.5 inches across. There is a total of 7.5 inches going all way around (this is around the size of a tennis ball). One of the heaviest vibrators I have ever seen weighing in at almost 2 pounds.



The Magic Wand is made of plastic and silicone.

Hitachi Magic Wand Packaging
Hitachi Magic Wand Packaging



It has a head that is now made of silicone, which makes it safe for the use on the body, it now has a rechargeable feature, designed with multiple patterns, and additional speeds. This version is of high quality, with quality vibrations, and has multiple functions.


Because of the way the newer version has been designed it is not splash proof or waterproof. However, it can be cleaned using a toy cleaner of your choice and a rag.

My  experience

I have found the rechargeable Magic Wand to be everything I need in order to have multiple orgasms, it gives me really awesome orgasms, I might add! I must have my labia, vagina, urethra, and clitoral shaft stimulated in order to have an orgasm and my Magic Wand helps all of these to happen due to the deep vibrations it gives on all four of its speeds. Unlike other vibrators that only let me feel minimum vibe on the area I put it, my wand goes further than just one areas it makes the entire pelvic, vagina, and clitoris areas feel the stimulation all at the same time. Of course, I also get into thrusting a variety of dildos into me and when I am ready for an orgasm all I have to do is touch the Magic Wand to my clit.