How Often Do Couples Have Sex in Relationships?

It’s 7:58 p.m. on a Friday night, almost prime time, and you’re surfing through television channels to find a good show to watch. You pick a show and it abruptly opens to the aftermath of a one night stand. Two strangers wake up, late to work, scrambling to get dressed amidst the empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, and scattered clothing from the night before.

Scenery like this is strategically plastered all over television, magazines, advertisements, and the internet to constantly keep our minds fixated on sex and to desensitize us to the cheap over-sexualization of modern-day society. You start to wonder, “How often do people really have sex?”

How Much Sex Is Normal or Healthy?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, and the media may skew our views as to what a “healthy” amount of sex is. Many factors affect how often people have sex, including their age, health, stress, mood, and sexual desires.

Healthy sex life can strengthen your bond with your partner and help keep your relationship healthy. Sex also provides numerous health benefits, such as boosting your mood, lessening stress, strengthening your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, reducing pain, and helping fight heart disease. That being said, only you and your partner can decide how much sex is right for both of you.
Studies show that regularly having sex is a more important factor in keeping a happy relationship than money. Most couples typically have sex once a week. This helps keep an intimate connection and gives the feeling of having an active sex life, but it still allows time for anticipation and spontaneity, as sex feels more like a special experience than a daily routine. Having sex more than once a week typically makes couples feel just as happy as if they had sex only once a week.