Roadblocks to Healthy Sex, Intimacy, & Relationships

If you’re here for an updated Kama Sutra, you’re going to be disappointed. I’ve never been the type to give a blow-by-blow, as it were, of anything sexual. But I do think I have a few insights about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, and why so many people struggle with these areas. I hope to give a short rundown on why these areas may be bringing so little satisfaction, in hopes of helping bring clarity to those who may not have a clear idea of why they’re experiencing so much frustration.

My educational background is in psychology and counseling, including the area of sexuality across the lifespan. I worked as an addiction counselor and then as a family therapist for several years before choosing to make a career change. I won’t bore you with the long story of my road back to writing, but I will say that my work has given me a certain level of expertise on the subject.

Additionally, I’m a single person who has had to navigate the world of dating and relationships who has many other single friends. Riding the roller coaster of the dating world may not make me an expert, but it does provide a certain amount of anecdotal evidence. That self-same roller coaster is what made me think that a few things need to be clarified around sex, intimacy, and relationships.

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