Sex Causes Her to Have No Common Sense

I had to say it, but sex causes many people to lack common sense. I mean, you get the right combination of hair, eyes, and everything else and a person can be sensible 99% of the time. When it comes to sex, that 1% can be hard to fight. Heck, even for me.

I learned this recently when I ran into a guy that I had a crush on throughout growing up. We used to be best friends, then life struck, and we parted ways (under good terms). We recently reunited, and he had just broken up. We decided to meet up and I didn’t think nothing of it at first. But, once he started talking I lost all common sense. He was talking about things like how his wife wanted him to do certain things during sex, but he wasn’t comfortable with it, etc.

For some reason, this told my brain to start picturing him doing those things to me instead. Out of nowhere, my mouth blurts out “Well, why don’t you try them on me first we’ve known each other like a lifetime anyway…” That opened a whole new door, but he didn’t turn it down either. It’s been several days, thought I would give him some time to think it over.