Sex whilst sharing a room with baby

Can we have sex when sharing a room with our baby?

Why it’s OK for you and your partner to have sex when sharing a room with your baby

As much as you might like to keep your parenting life away from your sex life their paths will cross and especially in the early days, weeks and months when you’re sharing a room with your baby.The good news is there’s no need to keep quiet and here’s why.

One of the advertiser’s clichés about having a baby in the house is to show parents tip-toing around, terrified stepping on a squeaky toy or raising your voice would set off a howl and wake the baby you’ve taken ages to get to sleep. One of the first causalities of such fears is your sex life. So many parents feel they can no longer relax into making love in case they don’t hear that their baby needs them, or that any grunts and moans may disturb them. And above all they may fear that the sounds of sexual pleasure could in some way worry or frighten a child. Are these anxieties realistic and should you keep quiet in a home with a baby?

The quick answer is no, no way should you stop enjoying your love life now a little one has arrived. In fact, since your child needs you to be happy and committed to each other the best way for that to happen is for you to have an enjoyable and frequent – and possibly satisfactorily noisy – sex life.

So how should you manage noise in your home with a baby around? 

Are you a light or heavy sleeper? Has it ever occurred to you to wonder what might have made you one or the other? Sensitivity to noise can partly be a matter of hardwiring. Some babies are more sensitive to it than others and while they may become easier as time goes by, some remain prone to find noise bothers them more than others.