What contraception is best after giving birth?

Contraception options post birth

What contraception is recommended post birth? Here’s our handy guide

Understanding just how fertile you are after giving birth and knowing when to start using contraception is key because the fact is that pregnancy is possible soon after birthOne of the sexy advantages of knowing you’re pregnant is also knowing you can forget about contraception until baby has arrived.

But don’t believe the old wives’ tales that breastfeeding protects or that you can’t get pregnant until you’ve had a period. Unless you want two babies in less than a year, get your birth control sorted – ideally before you go into labour.

What about breastfeeding? Yes, if your baby is being exclusively breastfeed – no extra formula feeds – there is possibly some protection and you may find your periods don’t come back for a few months. But you can get pregnant before having a period, and the protective effect is by no means fool proof. Better by far not to risk it.

In a survey of Bounty mums conducted by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a quarter of new mums start having sex again by 6 weeks after having a baby – while more than one in ten wait longer than 6 months. The survey of more than 1,300 new mums also suggested that women are waiting longer than in previous generations to resume sex after childbirth. Research from the 1970s indicated many women started having sex again between the 2nd and 4th week after birth.

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