5 First Date Red Flags That Mean There Probably Shouldn’t Be a Second

First dates are both incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking. You will probably find yourself worrying about everything from what to wear, to how to style your hair, and where to go for your meetup. Feeling nervous is normal and essential in order to find a new partner. You get the opportunity to meet someone that could become really important in your life, see if you are compatible, and hopefully, have some fun along the way!

Whether you just got out of a relationship or you’ve been single and are looking to meet someone, you shouldn’t be wasting any time with the wrong people. If you’ve been in relationships and have a better idea of what you want and what you don’t want, then some of these red flags won’t come as a surprise to you. If you’ve been single most of your life or you just haven’t met the right one yet, then this guide may help you in determining whether someone is right or wrong for you.

It’s important to note that first impressions can leave a long-lasting impact, so don’t let your date’s charm and good looks fool you. When you go on a first date, you should be looking out for certain red flags in your date’s behavior because these can determine the course of your relationship. If you find that your date exhibits any of the following, you might want to reconsider if this is the right moment to move forward.

1.They keep talking about their ex.

One of the biggest red flags that can happen on a first date is if your date brings up their ex – a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s healthy to talk about past relationships in order to determine what both you and your date are and are not looking for. Talking about how many relationships you’ve been in, how long they’ve lasted, and why they’ve ended are all completely normal. However, there’s a fine line between a healthy conversation about past partners and an unhealthy conversation.

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