6 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married


My fiancé and I have had a whirlwind romance. I know he is the one, and we have a wedding date planned. I am preggers and would love to walk down the aisle before I get too big. Given that we are getting married so quickly, what questions should we be asking each other to prepare for a healthy peaceful marriage? — Speed Bride


First of all, congrats on finding your soulmate and your pregnancy! While I usually recommend that couples get premarital counseling with a licensed therapist before getting married, it sounds like you are on the speed train to the altar and may not have time for that. That considered, there are a few questions you should ponder together. You will want to hit on the biggest issues couples struggle with: money, parenting, chores, connection, boundaries and sex.

Of course, when you do have time to sit down with a therapist and do a little pre-marital counseling, this can be a roadmap for those conversations. For some couples, these guided talks help strengthen the relationship — no matter how quickly you jumped in.

Here are the questions you should be asking each other.

1) How do you see us organizing our finances?

Couples should discuss how they will organize their money. Joint accounts, or separate? Who pays for what? How will you handle big purchase decisions? Under what circumstances do you each have veto power? You should also discuss whether or not will there be a prenup, as more millennial couples are signing them, even if they’re not wealthy.

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