At-Home date night ideas for new parents

Babysitters aren’t cheap, grandparents and friends may not be available when you want them – and those pesky agony aunts are forever telling you it’s really important to keep up your couple relationship and have romantic dates. How can you manage? Easy – welcome to the Home Date.

Plan ahead. Remember when you were fancy free? Bet you’d send each other sexy texts and reminders that you were going out that night and even what you’d like to do to each other at the end of the evening. So keep that up! Rekindle the romance. Send notes, texts and pop a loving post-it note on the bathroom mirror to prompt each other that tonight’s the night. Put your much-loved goodies on the shopping list and make sure your favourite clothes are ready for the evening.

Be spontaneous! But it doesn’t have to be scripted ahead of time. If you feel like it, simply let your loved one know “It’s Date Night!” – at work, on the way home, when you meet at the door. And take a deep breath – even if you’re not exactly in the mood, make an effort – playing the part rapidly results in genuine involvement.

Make a virtue of it being at home. The big advantage is you know which are the comfy seats, what’s in the fridge and drinks cupboard and where’s the remote for something sexy or romantic on screen or to dance to. All your favourites are on hand so you can benefit from them.

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