Here’s What Straight Couples Can Learn From Gay Couples


I am a straight woman in a pretty good relationship, but I can’t help feeling like my gay and lesbian friends have better relationships. It seems like they get along better and last longer. It is just my imagination? — Straight Up


You may be onto something. Recent studies show that despite the minority stress — microaggressions, violence, discrimination, harassment, and lack of acceptance or approval from friends and family — that gay couples experience, they tend to often have healthier romantic relationships.

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So where do same-sex couples and straight couples differ? Here are a few areas.

1) They have a lower divorce rate. The statistics show that same-sex couples are divorcing at a much slower rate. The annual divorce rate for gay and lesbian spouses is just over one percent per year, compared to straight couples who divorce at a rate of two percent a year.

2) They create and maintain connection. A recent study printed in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy found that same-sex couples work harder at their friendships, are kinder when they argue, and do a better job talking about sex.


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