My Treeze Helped Fulfill a Fantasy

For a while now I have been curious about public encounter and voyeurism. I haven’t really given it a try though, until recently anyways. I tried several toys that I thought would work in public, but sadly they were too loud. It could have been my paranoia though. But, then I found the Treeze Large Bubble Butt Plug!

Treeze Large Bubble Butt Plug
Treeze Large Bubble Butt Plug


This bad boy is made from wood, with a cute design. It’s very smooth, which I was excited about because that means it would be easy to insert and because it didn’t make noise, I could finally fulfill my fantasy!

I started out small for my first time. I took the Treeze with me and scoped out a place to try it. I didn’t want to do it at a park because that would be weird. I was stuck, I couldn’t think of a place. Then, I decided I would go to my usual restaurant, excuse myself after being seated and go insert it in the bathroom. So that’s what I did.

I came back and sat there with no one the wiser that I had a nice size plug in my ass! I’ll have to try wearing it again, maybe next time at the movies!