Tantus Delta Review

Alright, the Tantus Delta looks more like a fun toy for the ladies, but it’s actually marketed for males. This is a rare situation because of the double stimulation it provides is not as common with male sex toys compared to that of the female variety. Let’s find out more about it, shall we?

Tantus Delta
Tantus Delta


The one I have is a pale shade of pink, and kind of looks like a hand with a bent thumb and curved fingers. The base is rather plain and basic, reminding me of a bar of soap. So, my first impression was that this thing looks weird, not that appealing. Of course, men aren’t really known for buying toys just because they look pretty, we get them because they work and feel great.

The dual stimulation can technically be used for either male or female use to provide perineum/anal stimulation (male) or clitoral and g-spot stimulation (female).


The Tantus Delta measures a total of 5.25-inches in length, with a 3-inch insertable length. The width is just under an inch, so not that wide.

The smaller stimulator is roughly an inch away from the main shaft, while the base is roughly 3” so it’s big enough to ensure nothing gets lost and it stays well on flat surfaces.


The Tantus Delta is designed with medical grade silicone, as all Tantus products are. This means you will be safe to use them, and cleaning up is as easy as wiping it down with toy cleaner, or just boil it if you prefer.

However, with silicone you always want to ensure that you use water-based lube. If you use a silicone base lube it will cause the silicone to break down faster than it should.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good male or female dual stimulator that’s easy to care for, this is it. It’s also in a decent price range, which I always enjoy.