The Scientific Truth About How Often Happy Couples Have Sex

No matter how blissfully happy a couple is, if one person wants a ton of sex and the other is fine only getting some every so often, problems may arise. But it can be pretty hard to know if you’re having sex “enough.” Even if you have open conversations about the subject with your friends, chances are you’re still working with a pretty small sample size. Luckily, science has done some investigating in this realm.

Here’s what the research says.

An oft-cited study published in November 2015 in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science pinpointed once a week as the magic number. After studying over 30,000 people, the researchers found that couples had sex around once a week on average, and what’s more, having sex that often was linked to an increase in happiness compared to having it less often. But interestingly enough, the study found no increase in happiness when people had sex more than once a week.

A March 2014 study in Social Indicators Research begs to differ. The study, which analyzed over 15,000 people, found that people who had sex two to three times a week were happier than those who had it once a week, and so on down the line.

These are great nuggets of information, but experts say you don’t need to change anything in your sex life based on these numbers.

First of all, this is correlation, not causation—the study authors can’t say whether having more sex made people happier or whether people had more sex because they were happier to begin with. But also, they’re studies, not universal commandments everyone must follow for a strong relationship.

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